Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Be My Guest

Remember when my dear friend Michele came to visit for the road trip to the Big Green Warehouse? Well, I was busy sprucing up the guest room, changing sheets...

Fluffing pillows, hiding junk under the bed...

Trying to make the bedside table look nice.

I even picked a few Gardenias.
It was fun getting ready for the visit. But it sure was quiet. Where was Butterball?

Oh, he was helping too...

By shampooing the carpet. With cherry shampoo. I could smell trouble, (actually, the fresh scent of cherry), when I was walking up the stairs.

I scrapped up what I could with a spatula...

Then dumped water on it and lathered up. Lather, rinse, repeat. 24 times. Then call a professional.

This was one of those times you could laugh or cry. I laughed but it may have sounded a little hysterical....I must admit the upstairs did smell very refreshing!

In other news I may have found the answer to my fabric prayers..

picture from Absolutely Beautiful Things

This is the fabric I am convinced will change my life. Or at the very least, tie my living room and study together. I haven't been able to find out who makes it until today when a reader, KRM, left a comment saying she thinks it is by Kathryn Ireland. God Bless you and your little dog too!! I went on her web site, but did not see this fabric. If you have any more info please e-mail me at It is probably brand new and just not on the web site yet. Don't you love it? Doesn't it make you happy? Don't you love blogging and all the great people you meet. Thanks again to're the best!!


  1. oh, you're cute, and your guest room was the best!! Ptretyy and comfy. I am SO happy for you about your fabric- it is beautiful- hope you can find and get it quickly1!

  2. That is hilarious-what made you think to use a spatula??? And that is really a happy fabric-how do you plan on using it-pillows, curtains, ???

  3. Oh no! At least it gave your upstairs a refreshing fruity smell!

    I have no idea who makes that fabric, but it is pretty amazing. If I find it in my travels I will totally email you the details!

  4. funny! i have the same owlie lamp. makes me so happy everytime i see it! your guest room looked super inviting! next time the hubby and i have a spat i know just where to come!!! lol

  5. I am in love with that fabric, beautiful! your guest room is stunning. That owl lamp is amazing. Love it all!

  6. The guest room looks so great. Oh my on the cherry shampoo!

  7. Your guest room is definitely welcoming! What kind of carpet do you have? We need to replace our berber with something new; but i like the style.

  8. Julie: My guest room carpet is by Masland but the close up pictures are of the upstairs where my childrens' bedrooms are and that carpet is not as nice. (I am sure people are cringing that I covered hardwood floor w/carpet but I think it makes the bedrooms more cozy!)However I do love it. I can't find the invoice right now but I will keep looking. I like that it has almost a sisal look but is still soft.

  9. Your guest room is so lovely! I loooove your owl lamps! Hoot hoot! ;)

  10. Your guest room looks beautiful. Where did you get that owl lamp from - I want one! Kate

  11. Oh Butterball...sweet, sweet Butterball. I am sure he was simply helping (!) you to clean...and it was a fun art project at the same time.

    Lovely guest room by the way!

    Tricia - Avolli

  12. That room seems so lovely and comfy for a guestroom. I would do what I can if my carpet would be stained. I'll do what you did, or call a stainmaster if it doesn't work. At least, the room smelled nice. Oh I love Gardenias. I always see a bunch of 'em in Tampa during summer.


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