Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Video Killed the Radio Star..

Do you remember the New Wave band the Buggles? (Am I dating myself?) They had a hit called Video Killed the Radio Star. It's catchy, it will stick in your head. Want to hear it? Click here. Why am I bringing this up? Well, it got me thinking....have blogs grown and multiplied like bunnies because all our favorite magazines are gone? Or are we reading blogs instead of magazines? Hmm....

I did get one of my very favorites today, House is of course fabulous. I decided to show you a few pictures in the hopes it would spark your interest and you would rush out and buy a copy or better yet subscribe.

This is a room by Bunny Williams for the Kips Bay Showhouse.
The pictures in the magazine are much better, trust me. The blue is more of a turquoise, love it!! And those botanical prints, they don't look stuffy at all!
(Sutton, is this the room you were talking about?)

The room from another angle. Can you see the painted sisal rug...somebody get me some paint!!

There is a lot more goodness in the magazine including a killer home by Steven Gambrel. I may post one of those pictures later in the week.

So, what do you think? Are bloggers taking the place of your favorite magazines? Usually, for me, it gets me interested and I want to buy the magazine. I like a hard copy in my hand. It's like Kindle, sounds great, people love it but I want a good old fashioned book to hold and read. And I love the smell of a new book. But that's just me. What about you? Blogs: helping or hurting?


  1. Because we don't have the outlet with magazines I think Blogs have stepped it up. I miss my mags terribly. And I would read just as many blogs with or without my mags.

    I too love the feel of a book in my hands!

  2. I love blogs, but I love my magazines, too. And of course, books- don't get the allure of kindle. That Bunny Williams room is fab- I think katiedid showed more pictures of it once, b/c she was at the showhouse. I also love the Steven Gambrel family room. I adore House Beautiful!!

  3. I never read a blog before yours but it beats stashing magazines around-like under your bed. BUT I do like a good magazine in a waiting room. The worst part of magazines is all the ads....

  4. I think they work hand in hand. I often read about a magazine article via a blog (and I try to point out the great articles I find in my faves). I found out about "Living Etc.," my new favorite mag via a blog. So I like to think that we bloggers are supporting our favorite mags and that we work in tandem (i hope, i hope, because I can't stand to lose another favorite!)

  5. No replacement for me, just like re-living the mags, and getting fresh takes. Don't show too much of HB this week - I'm like the LAST PERSON on the planet to receive mine since we are overseas.
    Oh...I understand if you must post, but I'll cover my eyes so as not to have a Spoiler Moment!;)

  6. I like them both- I cant live without my daily blog reads, but I also cant live without my monthy mags coming in the mail- I love them both equally!

  7. To me nothing replaces a shiny new magazine coming in the mail. I have an obscene amount of subscriptions:)

  8. I love the ones still around but the ones I miss really haven't been replaced by blogs. I hear the domino clan still yearning & returning to old images for comfort, but not anything truly new & bold. Thats what makes the magazines so loved...they push you ahead.


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