Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kate Spade

It all started with the inspiration board I posted on Friday from Canadian House & Home. There was one picture in the bottom left hand corner that I knew I recognized. After going through my favorite files I found it.

This ad from Kate Spade. Don't you just love Kate Spade? Her homes, her clothes, her ads?

I love the bright, crisp colors she uses.

Her ads have an almost retro feel to them.

Her ads just make me happy and want to skip while wearing a cute outfit. Yes, I am a little old for skipping but a cute outfit will do that to you!

It's funny, I loved this picture and used it in this post, and didn't even know it was Kate Spade. I still want that hat and dress. Don't worry, I would wear it as a top, no need to scare anyone.

This is one of the bathrooms from Kate Spade's N.Y. apartment. Doesn't it have the same bright, happy feel as her ads? Love that zebra wallpaper.

Ms. Spade herself...looking fabulous!

Sometimes I wish my life were more like a Kate Spade ad: bright, happy, fun. Some days we get close. Most days my kids don't want to wear color coordinated clothing or even skip with me, sad.

Hope you have a bright and happy Wednesday!


  1. you're funny. Your life IS bright, happy and colorful. You might not be skipping in that fab dress {and I'm with you on those ads- fantastic}, but you're right, you're close. Fun post.

  2. Great post. I feel invigorated. I am too old to skip, but maybe it is OK to do it today.
    The zebra wallpaper... I first fell in love with it in a New York restaurant on Lexington. A place called Gino's. And then it was also in the Royal Tannebaums. It was brought back by popular demand when the fabric house that produced it got called endlessly after the movie came out. Yeah. How lucky are we?

  3. I love all the bright colors in this post, and I completely agree that Kate Spade is awesome. I remember my very cool uncle that is an artist got me a bright green satin-ish bookbag from her when I was in middle school (or maybe younger?). It was my favorite thing in the whole world for quite some time. I hope you have a happy Wednesday too! And, I'm adding you to my blogroll (I love your blog!).

  4. I do love that bathroom- I would have never thought to put that curtain in there which is why I need you to come work on my house!! And what do you mean color coordinated clothing-does Butter get roped into wearing what the twins wear??? you are too much :)

  5. Oh, this post, how I love thee, let me count the ways...
    1) so much of my favorite color, kelly green!
    2) amazing photographs
    3) talk of SKIPPING!
    4) that amazing bathroom!
    5) Kate Spade fabulousness!

    Brightened my day! Thank you!!!

  6. I love all the wonderful bright colors she uses!

  7. These ad ARE great. I'd like to slip right into one of those ads as my ever so elegant yet fun life...but alas I must remain in my own simple yet fun life...I guess it'll have to do.

    Tricia - Avolli

  8. Mrs. Spade is impeccable. I don't think my life every looks like those ads, well in my head it does...haha

  9. i thought I was the only one who wished I could just jump in the ad and be in a happy, bright, cheery place! They are a total pick-me-up everytime I see them :)

  10. classic lines with pops of color, i do love her too!

  11. I love Kate Spade adds! They are so inspiring...

  12. I didn't realize the 'Manhattan' image was a Kate Spade ad. I just think it's so cute.

  13. I just adore her ads. I have never seen that bath and I am melting, gorgeous!

  14. I'll come skip with you. I love her site especially all the extra fun she has to see beyond her own designs.

  15. I am obsessed with kate spade. I was actually nicknamed Kate for a while because of how much I love her. Thanks for the post.


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