Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tia Zoldan

I have saved this cottage for ages. The home of Tia Zoldan. It was in one of my favorite magazines, Cottage Living, years ago. Check out her website here.

I just love a good cottage.

Even better, I found an updated picture of her home on Absolutely Beautiful Things What do you think of the changes?

Do you remember this house? Don't you miss Cottage Living?

Wonder if I like this room so much because my dining room is the same color? And I have a farm table. And I have white slip-covered chairs. Let's see, I am missing the barrel vault ceiling, arched window, striped chair...oh well, details, details.

I love how the house has a fairly neutral base with pops of color.
This would be good for me since I change my mind so often. Doesn't that turquoise ottoman make you happy?

Great kitchen. I feel sure my cooking would taste better if I could prepare dinner in here.

This room has a retro feel to it. Charming but not too child like.

If you want to see more of this home click here.

And if you know anyone I can complain to about my beloved magazines dying, let me know!!! I've sent e-mail after e-mail telling people (evidently not the right people) why I need magazines. Good magazines. Not beading, gun or quilting magazines, but honest to goodness design magazines. What is the world coming to when you can't get at least one good design magazine every week? Lord knows my husband gets enough golf magazines for a small country!! O.K. I am finished ranting...have a nice day.


  1. That was one of my favorite cottages featured in cottage living too. I really hate the Cottage Living is gone, I've been reading through all my old ones lately.

  2. I love that cottage and Tia Zoldan. What, you don't adore all the golf magazines that all say the same thing each and every month?!! I know I do.

  3. I love this one, too. They published a house she did for a friend and it was great, too! I actually like it just a bit better -- will have to dig up those photos.

    Like the new color of the house, too.

  4. I like the new color to the house too, and the more mature plantings. That kitchen is to die for, I love all the lighting fixtures.

  5. I so miss Cottage Living, one of my all time favs!!! thanks for posting!

  6. Can you post the link of the updates pics of Tia's home? I can't find it. Thanks!

  7. Beks, this is so weird but I thought I had linked it to the page but it wouldn't work. Then I went back to ABT and couldn't find the picture! finally tracked it down and fixed the link. Just click on ABT. Sadly that is the only updated picture. I would love to see what changes she has made inside!
    Thanks for stopping by!!

    Jennifer, I think I know which house you are talking about, maybe a ranch in CA?

  8. Beautiful rooms-sadly, I can never pull it together like this! Love the dining room.

  9. I love the updates to the cottage... and I am so with you on the sadness about our fave magazines going under... WHY???!!!! Try LivingEtc, btw, I really like it as a Domino substitute. I haven't found a substitute for Cottage Living, tho :-(

  10. I feel the same way about the magazines. Do you think blogging is keeping them alive or taking their place?

  11. oh, I just love her work too and saw a new home she did in the L.A. edition of Luxe magazine, it is my favorite so far!
    I miss so many of the old magazines!

  12. I rememebr & miss CL so very much. Im definitely a cottage woman. The problem with magazines is so few actually subscribe & thats whats keeps them afloat, the money in the bank.
    Issues are so risky. You see when its pulled from the shelf only the cover with the barcode goes back for credit...the rest is just thrown away or in my Barnes & Noble days (97-00) employees could read them & take them home. So all that cash they invest goes out the window.
    I urge you & everyone else to subscribe. There are some incredible deals out there right now!!!

  13. I adore this cottage... it's great. And yes, I deeply miss CL magazine!

  14. Boo hoo all over again. I miss Cottage Living. What were the magazine execs thinking when let it fold? And Domino?? Surely they were mistaken...

  15. Great to see the update on the cottage. I miss Cottage Living.

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