Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Design Schizophrenic

I was going through all my saved pictures, trying to delete some and clean up, when I noticed a pattern. Almost all of the rooms I saved fell into one of two categories: eclectic or clean. (I was going to call the two groups calm and chaotic). You would think my style would be one or the other, but I love them both. Maybe that is why I have such a hard time making up my mind. I am a design schizophrenic. Don't worry, I'm not dangerous, just confused.

Here are just a few examples...


Kathryn Ireland

Inside Outside Magazine


Fric and Frac



Elle Decor
I wonder how old your kids have to be before you can leave a flower arrangement at the end of your bed....

Greg Lanza Design


T Keller Donovan

Laura Casey

Bonesteel, Trout and Hall

This is one of my all time favorite rooms and I think it has a little bit of both. It is clean and fresh looking with a few surprises...the zebra benches, the orange pillow and the fabulous framed wallpaper panels. Yep, just about perfect.

So, which style do you like? I think I like the eclectic look better, but my house is more clean...hmmm wonder what that means? Does anyone know a good design doctor?


  1. That first bedroom by Kathryn Ireland has always been one of my faves, and inspired my guest bedroom redo.
    I do think I lean more toward the "clean" look - but what I picked up in all your saved images is the use of pattern - which certainly helps keep "clean" from becoming "sterile."

    Great group of images!

  2. I love a clean-looking style - that bedroom from Elle Decor is my ideal. However, with two little boys scattering toys, clothes and stickers all over the house, our place usually looks pretty eclectic!

  3. Love the Laura Casey bedroom although it wouldn't stay white for long- but clean is more for me than eclectic! Too much noise and confusion in my house already to have alot of busy decorating going on....

  4. Well the interesting thing that ties together all the rooms you've shown here is pattern. The great thing about blogging is you really start to define your 'style' and the rooms you are drawn to as your posting! Thanks for visiting my blog, you have a great blog!

  5. Your house is definintely more clean, but with enough going on to make it interesting! Your personality shines through. I love them both, too, but in these images, I like the clean rooms better. And you know at my house I just throw together everything I love with no rhyme or reason. Ooh, scary.

  6. I always love to see eclectic, slightly crowded rooms on a page, but I don't think I could handle it in real life. and the flower arrangement at the end of the bed? oh mercy. we don't even have kids and that would be a disaster waiting to happen at my house!

  7. I agree with MyLittleHappyPlace that it seems like the eclectic shows a love of pattern! I love pattern, too! The last picture is my favorite, too!

  8. I also like both design styles. I do think that the eclectic style is a bid harder to pull off well though because it takes just the right touch to make it look 'right' and not just a hodge podge of things in a room. The clean room is more straight forward to create. Both are beautiful for different reasons so I can understand being torn. I think I'm more for the clean design style too!

    Tricia - Avolli

  9. hmm, I think I love the two equally- they both are great. So I guess I am a design schizophrenic too :)

  10. Well, if you find a good design doctor, let me know because I need an appointment,too. Every time I try to sift through my pages of favorites to get rid of some, I can't part with any of them. I love too many things and too many styles and I cannot seem to pare it down to one look. Great photos and fun post!

  11. I love the Laura Casey one!! I need to redecorate!! Mom said I would love your blog..and I do!!

  12. I am definently drawn to eclectic! I love color and texture! I can appreciate the clean look though and I think you can do both! I like the way a room looks when it has been layered over time as opposed to all done at once. I like to see pieces of people's lives mixed in with great furniture that tells you something about who they are. Love the green wallpaper panels in the bottom shot - they look great with the zebra bench! I would love to see them in a room full of turquoise, red, or yellow though! Great question!


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