Monday, July 6, 2009

Molly B Right

It all started with this historic Charleston home I saw in Blueprint Magazine (R.I.P.) in August 2006.

I loved the mix of traditional and contemporary.

Not your typical Charleston entrance hall!

The dining room table was the homeowner's grandparents that they decided to lacquer high gloss white. A risk that really paid off.

Then the show stopper..this piece of art by Molly B Right. I loved it immediately and have loved it ever since. I was so excited to come across this house again while looking at Martha's site. The portrait is made up entirely of bottle caps. About 2500 - 3000 per piece. Isn't it fantastic? See more of the home here.

Girl with the Pearl Earring
I would recognize her anywhere. Isn't it amazing what you can do with 3,000 bottle caps?

I love being able to see the art displayed in homes.

I also love the scale...if your going to buy art, go big!!

The internet..isn't it great? While researching Molly B Right, I came across another site called Freaky Martin. They posted some pictures I think you'll like. First, the portrait is of Philip Simmons, shown hanging on a gallery wall.

Let's get a little closer....

and closer....

There! You can even read the labels on the bottle caps.
Do you find this as amazing as I do? There are some talented people out there. Stop by Molly's website to see more of her fantastic work.

P.S. Stephanie, I found more info on the pillows (seahorse and octopus), Dermond Peterson. Check Tonic Home.


  1. ooh, that's the Charleston home tour I want to go on!! Amazing bottle cap portraits. Kind of crazy good, aren't they?

  2. I want to do that-looks like fun! I better start drinking!

  3. really, really awesome! I love that last portrait! And the use of the bottlecaps is such a great surprise...

  4. Wow, what a great medium to use as art- I never would have guessed thats what they were if you didnt tell me- I love her work!

  5. Those bottle cap art pieces are amazing! Until I got closeup I thought- ok they set the bottle caps then paint them or paint them and then set them... who knew there were so many colors in bottle caps... love that you showed us a closeup. BTW thanks for commenting on my blog! I was getting discouraged that I hadn't gotten a single comment in weeks... then someone wrote me an email to tell me. I emailed typepad and they said I had a broken link... a loose screw I could understand... the html jargon... not so much... anyways its fixed. I should blog about it huh? Thanks again!

  6. I can't believe that there are people out there who can make art out of bottle caps. It's just amazing!

  7. I truly have never seen anything like this before. Amazing. Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage and leaving a comment.

  8. Love that dining room! So pretty... And that art!? WoW! x


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