Thursday, July 2, 2009

$10 and under

Some people think I'm cheap. I like to say thrifty or creative. Cheap is such an unattractive word. I do have some nice things in my house for which I actually paid good money, but I also have some things that were practically free. I love them even more. I thought I would do a post on things in my home I got for $10 or less. See what you think...

One of my best buys ever. I got four of these chairs for $10 each. Yes, $10 each. They needed sanding and painting but they were so worth it. Two are in my den. This one is in my son's room and the last one is still waiting for its perfect spot!

This is the before. They don't look that bad, but trust me, they were covered in rust. I wish I could have saved the original finish, but at $10 I am not going to complain.

This bird's nest was in our front yard in an azalea bush. We got to watch as it was being built, the eggs were laid, then hatched. All very exciting. Then one day we came out and the nest was on the ground. We scooped it up and took it, plus priceless memories for my kids.

While shopping one day at Maran Home I came across these Quail eggs that looked exactly like the eggs from the nest. I just had to get some..$1 per egg. Sadly, since this picture was taken, two eggs have been crushed (they are real eggs). I am not going to mention any names but it starts with Butter and ends with ball.

Faux wood lamps from Target, $3 each. Yes, I know the shades are a little lop-sided, but do you know how many times they have been knocked off the chest? You would be lop-sided too. Plus, what do you expect for $3?

I love to collect blue and white transferware. But only the light, almost periwinkle blue. Years ago a friend of mine (yes, Ellen T. if you are reading this you may want to stop. It may bring back painful memories) decided she no longer wanted this platter because it had a small crack. She said she would sell it to me for $10. Yes, I was thrilled and have loved it ever since. I think she may regret the sale, but it has brought me and my cheap little self lots of joy!!

The conch shell.... there is an old, almost abandoned looking store on Oleander Drive, across from K-38, that has always interested me. What is the deal? Well, one day 3 years ago I called to see if they were ever open The guy who answered said he was there now and I could come look around. I zipped right over and in all the broken windows, car parts, appliances etc. I found several old mirrors and this shell. The shell was $1 and my curiosity was satisfied.
Do you have anything that you love for $10 or under?


  1. love your thrifty finds! two weeks ago we were vacationing on st simons island and i headed over to an estate sale. picked up a yellow faux bamboo lamp that was marked $2 but the lady told me to take it for free. upon returning home i found it on an upscale atlanta store website for $895. mine does not have the fab shade but i am beyond thrilled with my find.

  2. i think the perfect place for that last chair is at my house. :)

    I have a collection of vintage postcards that feature fish indigenous to the Florida Keys. I bought a china cabinet and three chairs at a rummage sale and they threw in the beautiful postcards for free. I have yet to do anything with them but I want to frame them in some sort of grouping.

  3. There seems to be a common theme in your house-should we rename Butterball to Wrecking Ball??? Those chairs do look really good and you have always been ummmm dollar savy. And everything turns out great-

  4. Oh what a fun post! I love all of your ten dollars finds. I'm thrifty as well. Hate the word Cheap! I need to go around my house and do the same.

    Hope you have a Happy 4TH!

  5. I think we are kindred spirits. I totally have a bird nest that I fished out of my petunia baskets last summer WITH little eggs that I bought at a garden shop. Husband thought it was kind of gross but I love it.

    I have just a few nice things that I saved my pennies for or recieved as gifts, but some of my favorites are the $10 and under -- or even $5 and under! I've recently discovered yard sales and may never look back :) Might have to do a post on this soon!

  6. That's such a great post. I LOVE (drool), love those chairs (and all the more so because they were a steal and you did a great DIY job of fixing them up!). I love a good bargain, too. There's something so awesome about knowing that you could spent an extra hundred dollars (or however much), but didn't! It's like free money!

  7. I love this post, I think giving old things a new life- like those chairs- is the best kind of decorating! I have a ton of things that were under $10- well actually I might have to push it to $20, but they are some of my favorite things too!

    I still cant get over those chairs- I want some for myself now, love them!

  8. Great, great post. I love your finds--- and even better since they are inexpensive!

  9. What?!?!?! $10 for each of those chairs, that is fantastic!!!!

  10. I think thrifty finds are the best. They always make me feel so good when I track them down! Have a happy 4th of July!

  11. Ball jars..a whole box of the wood crate. The old blue ones with the old style topnot the twist off. Yup I was at a yard sale and I asked the older guy how much & he said 25 each so I took one out & he said..okay thats a quarter then. I nearly fainted & proceeded to buy the entire dozen for 3 dollars & he he threw in the crate for free.
    Well that quarter jar was actually worth $30.00!! so times it by 12...shocked. I still have 4 but ove the years I've filled them with all sorts of fun & given them as gifts.

  12. $10.00 for those chairs! They are gorgeous, great work.

  13. Do you have striped walls?? Paint or wallpaper? These are basically my dream walls.

  14. Thanks so much for writing back! That is awesome! DO you have a post with more pictures?


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