Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Doesn't that make you think of camp? Along with S'mores, campfires and bug juice (and bug bites).

picture from Veggy Wood

I took the twins to camp on Sunday. Just starter camp, 5 days. It was enough for them for their first time, and enough for me. Hope all goes well. On the drive to camp I was having such a good time singing old camp songs from my days at Gwynn Valley and Merrie Woode...until the kids begged me to stop. Then I just sang them in my head. I don't need an audience anyway.

Is there anything better than color coordinated bedding? Recognize the bench from here? No, I still have not fixed my decorating disaster.
I still want to spit every time I see it.

Don't forget color coordinated surprises packed away in the trunks...



Did I mention it was rustic? Next year I may get a more colorful blanket because I know my kids will really care.

The view from camp. Not too bad....

I know my kids are having a ball (I hope), but at my age, if I am going to camp, I would prefer it be at Thom's place.

Thom Filica. His lake house is awesome.

And from what I know of him, from Oprah, Dress My Nest and People Magazine, he seems just about nice enough to let a strange girl from NC stay in his house. Thom, if you are reading this, e-mail me. We can coordinate dates.


  1. Sissy, every time I try to post a comment, it doesn't post! I said somany things, too- like your bench looks great in real life, I adore their color coordinated bedding {where did you get those striped blankets?!}, and can I go to camp with you?!!

  2. Oh no, you did not do that to your son- I can see your daughter but....are you setting him up for a whooping?? Go get that toy off the bed and rumple it up a bit!

  3. So funny.
    Where did your kids go to camp? Can I stay at Thom's place too? I don't bite and cook really well.

  4. Awwww... those little camp packs are so cute! They'll have a blast, I think every kid should go to camp, some of my fondest memories! Tell Thom he's having a slumber party :-)!!!

  5. How fun. You are such a good mama.

  6. Awww! How precious! Five day camp sounds perfecto!

  7. What a good momma you are! Their beds look darling! And the camp looks great too (I wish I could sign up for 5 day camp!). And do you mind one more person in Thom's lakehouse?

  8. Hey Sissy! It was great to hear from you. Sorry it has taken a while to write back. My blogger account was only working in Thai and I finally was able to get it back to English today. Wow! It as been a while. Maureen (the strange yankee we worked with in Charlotte :)) told me you recently had a new addition to your family! Congrats! I am excited for you guys. We have been hoping to have our first addition to our family for sometime! Hopefully it won't be long for us. We are actually in the process of adopting in Thailand. I enjoyed checking out your blog. It makes me really want a home in the states. Are you working in interior design? Are you still selling real estate? We are heading back Thailand in August. You should bring your family for a visit! :) It is a great place to visit. Let's keep in touch. Take care, Eric
    Also, are you on Facebook?

  9. Darling camp linens. Darling mom. Ya know, your kids will remember this. I promise. The second year of camp, my kids begged me for cartoon character bed sheets from Target only to discover that they still felt like sandpaper even after several washings. Needless to say... the kids wrote from camp right away... please send sheets with a higher thread count. Who'd a thunk it. Mama knows best. Enjoy your well earned vacation. If you are not already overbooked, may I join the group with Thom? Just asking.

  10. Love that bedding and the matching treats! I sent my boys to camp last week, but when they get into the teens they want well worn bedding that won't draw attention. Sad. They did, however, accept 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies. That's the kind of attention they don't mind drawing! Thanks for sharing the photos. Hope they have a great week!

  11. I have boy girl twins as well! They are not old enough to go to camp yet but when they do I will be taking notes from you.

  12. What I would give to go back to camp...I think that needs to be something adults can do too!

  13. Well enjoy yourself whilst they enjoy themselves!!! I love the color coordinated look, mind you I'm the one who sends the themed care packages, even to my former student interns when they became counselors so go for it I say!!
    Perhaps if we beg Thom he'll let us stay a spell. Either that or we could drug & tie him up.... ;)

  14. Oh yes, I'd like to go to Thom's. I want to stay in his room with the twin beds. Tell me when; I'll clear my schedule, of course.

  15. Yippee! Camp Seafarer- can't mistake that, am I right?

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