Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Decorating Disaster

This story has a happy beginning but a tragic end..I got the bench for free from my mom. I had to have it repaired $. Then I had it painted $ and recovered $. Do you know what that adds up to? $$$ Which would have been O.K. except for one tiny thing....I hate how it turned out.

Oh my gosh, the photo doesn't even do it justice. It is so much worse in person. (This is not the room it goes in, I have it hidden away for now.) The blue was suppose to be a light almost robin's egg blue. Instead it is sickly looking, the color almost glows. It gives me the creeps. And the fabric..I wanted a crisp brown and white ticking. Instead it is dingy looking. Every time I see that bench I want to kick it. It was suppose to look more like this:

picture from Cottage Living
I know it is a little hard to see but I'm talking about those woven/cane chairs where the people are sitting.

picture from The Daily uptown country

Yep, the one in the lower left hand corner. Jonathan Adler had a great blue Chippendale chair I just couldn't find a picture of it. Maybe if I repainted it myself and recovered my bench in this...

Decorators Walk Katsugi

Maybe I could save it. You know, this is not my first decorating disaster. I have several in my attic and I am sure this will not be my last. I do love the bench and think is is worth another try. Let's hope for the sake of my sanity my next attempt turns out better. I'll let you know what happens...wish me luck!


  1. Yes- the fabric in the last photo definetly makes it pop more. And I see where you're going-the eggshell blue is very pretty.

  2. oh my gosh, I want that bench!! Sissy, I adore it. It's not the same blue as the Cottage Living picture, but it doesn't look bad! Plus, I like the ticking, but I do love the other fabric, too. Hm. It is NOT a disaster- I need to see that bad boy in person, becasue it looks pretty good to me!

  3. THAT is one of my favorite fabrics........It will look great!


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