Monday, July 20, 2009

How much is too much?

Kathryn Ireland. I like her style...

Her home is charming....

And full of beautiful fabrics

All mixed together.

I like it.

And I like her fabrics.

Especially this fabric. I first saw it on Absolutely Beautiful Things and after a blog plea for help, Kathy M. from TN e-mailed and told who made it (once again a big thank you to Kathy!!). I tracked it down and thankfully my mother has an account with the showroom that carries Kathryn Ireland's fabric. What? I didn't tell you my mother is a decorator? Well, she is and thank goodness she can get this fabric for me, because it is expensive. I was afraid it would cost an arm and a leg. It doesn't. It cost an arm, a leg, a torso and a head.

picture from Absolutely Beautiful Things

Even at the decorator's cost it is still crazy expensive, car payment expensive. If you have been reading this blog, you know I am a bargain loving, penny pinching, tight wad. It is hurting me to do this, but I may order some of this fabric. It makes me happy. It brings me joy. It is the first fabric in my two year search (yes, two years) that ties my living room and study together. I need it for pillows and have decided to use a less expensive fabric on the back, otherwise I may have to give up eating (I like eating).

What do you think? Is fabulous, expensive fabric worth it? Am I crazy to get expensive fabric in a home where the three little pigs live? (Otherwise known as my adorable children) And Kathryn if you are reading this, why? Why, is it SO expensive?


  1. Go ahead with the pillows BUT if they're that expensive and you're afraid the kids will destroy them, only put them out when you're entertaining and if you only see them once in awhile you will like them so much more-just a suggestion. My kids have had so many "accidents" with my things that I never buy what I like but I buy what's practical-

  2. Oh I feel your pain. As a decorator I get things at wholesale too so when people come over they wonder why my whole house is not done in fabulous fabrics, that is because I STILL cannot afford the really wonderful fabrics.

    If you have been looking for 2 years and this is your favorite, the best thing ever, I say get it! Every once in a while you have to splurge (although most of the time that isn't even an option for me). If you don;t get it you may end up buying several different fabrics you only feel so so about....

  3. Kathy actually tweeted me on twitter that she may have me do a portrait of their pets at some stage :o) I would be so honored, she seems to be a real class act, as well as creative!

  4. I am in love with the green chair! Wonder where she found that? Any idea?

  5. My two cents is to go for it. If you've been looking for two years, you know what you want and you've finally found it. That said, I don't have kids so I'm not sure how to "kid proof" them. Would it be tacky to spray them with some type of scotch guard stuff, or would that ruin the fabric? Regardless, I think you should do it. You'll smile everytime you look at the fabric.

  6. Oh wow I love it. If you've been searching for two years that I would go for it. I know it's crazy expensive and it kills me that I have wholesale accounts and still can't afford a lot of the fabric I love, but for a couple of pillows and you are only going to use it one side I say go for it!

  7. I know it's crazy expensive, but my feeling is if it is the EXACT right thing you won't be needing to replace it in two years because you weren't satisfied, so you'll save in the long run. How's that for justification? :-) I say, get it! You EARNED it after two years!

  8. If you have been looking for two years,you absolutely love it, and you can find a way to afford it, go for it! You will be so happy every time you look at, rather than compromising and always wishing you'd gone ahead and gotten what you love!

  9. GO FOR IT! I just found your blog and this post had me in stitches. You are hilarious. I am coming back fo sho.
    I have two little pigs (4 actually, if you count my husband and Golden) and I would go for it if you must have it. Otherwise, it will keep you awake at night.
    Happy pillowing!

  10. I tend to agree with what most are saying here...since you have been looking for so long, it 'spoke' to you immediately and you just love it sooooo then go for it. Pillows are the best place to use expensive fabrics and you can definitely pick them up and out of the room if you think little sticky fingers might find their way to them.

    Tricia - Avolli

  11. I love the way she puts pattern and color together. TWO years! That's alot of angst honey! I think you should go for it ... and then find a way to make that money back... perhaps the lottery or casino blackjack :)

  12. God yes!!!!! I loved that fabric too! Now that you mention this I'm off to email my buddy the decorator to see if I need to throw another appendage on the pile.
    I actually am thinking of using it for another bolster pillow for the bed: wouldn't it be perfect on an all white bed???
    Use it for yourself like the bedroom. Wherever they spend the least time use it.

  13. Guess I Ditto what everyone else is saying...If you truly love it - think of it in a price-per-day amount, taking into account the amount of joy it will bring each day!

    Oh, if Ms. Ireland gets back to you, please DO tell WHY they have to price this stuff so outrageously!


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