Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Painted floors

I keep going back to look at this house decorated by Jeffrey Bilhuber and the the fabulous painted floors. I love them! Do you? People seem to have strong feelings about painted floors. It's okay if you don't like them. I won't hold it against you, but they seem to be popping up everywhere these days....

picture from Jeffrey Bilhuber

picture from Jeffrey Bilhuber

Oh, how I wish I had seen this before I painted my kitchen floors...

picture from Desire to Inspire

Is this great or what? You know this is going to be one happy house! And the home owner must be very brave.

picture from Just Beachy

Now this I love and would have the courage to do. You know I am a blue girl after all.

desire to inspire

Now this is what I'm talking it. This is going in my kitchen file for one day. Hopefully one day soon. Does anyone know when the recession will be over?

picture from Apartment Therapy

Great look for a kid's room.

Cottage Living

Another great kids' room although I would have to add a rug. We spend a lot of time on the floor.

picture from point click home

Probably stain not paint but it's the same idea...

picture from Decorno

My kitchen in Charlotte was stained just like this but in creams and dark made me happy. But it did seem like all the white dirt fell on the dark gray diamonds and the black dirt fell on the cream diamonds...
Of course that could all have been in my crazy little mind. Or there could have just been a lot of dirt.

picture from House Beautiful

White floors add so much personality. Love this kitchen floor in Liz Lange's home decorated by Jonathan Adller. Crisp white, green, pops of blue, what's not to love? See more here.
These floors remind me of my friend Betsy's house in Atlanta.

Remember this great room in Betsy's house? The white floors make all the colors really pop.

And this? Well, this is my kitchen floor. The picture is old. That is Peanut and Doodle. Oh my gosh, they look so young!! I know my kitchen makes you want to poke your eyes out, but it will make for better "before"' and "after" pictures. I was trying to draw your eyes away from the cabinets so I thought by painting the floor plaid it would draw your eyes down. I don't know if it works, but I do love the floor. Here's hoping for a new kitchen soon!!


  1. I love your kitchen floors! {the kids do look so young!!}. I loved your floors in Charlotte. You're a creative girl. I'm crazy about Betsy's floors in Atlanta , esp. with all her bright, fun stuff. The blue floor in the kitchen and the white floor with blue {!) stair runner are too divine! You know I'm a blue girl, too, so that gets me every time. This was fun to see, Sissy!

  2. Love the diamonds on the Decorno photo! When you paint/stain them, are the wood imperfections hidden or more pronounced? My kitchen floor is so bad between the dog and everyone dragging chairs around. Your painted floor in your photo almost looks like carpet-guess I didn't notice last time I was there since there's always so much going on in your house....

  3. LOVE painted floors! especially the big diamond shapes and your PLAID!! would love to know more about that.

  4. I really love white floors, and I sooo love that glossy marine color from desire to inspire. did you do the plaid yourself? They look great--how did you do that? I'd love to know!

  5. I am getting ready to repaint my bathroom floor... its old lineoleum tile. I will give you the before and after... won't be able to tackle it till fall... but your pictures are so inspiring. You are fabulous at the redo... love your kitchen floor. Thanks for your comment on my blog... ya... I wanna live in one of those birdhouses too!


  6. First of all, adorable children!

    Second, I often wonder how painted floors hold up over time. They can be soooo beautiful, as in all of these images, but how long do they last? year...or somewhere in between?

    Does anyone know?

    Tricia - Avolli

  7. Hey Guys!

    I also got several e-mails asking about the plaid floor so I will try to come up with a quick "how to soon". Also from my experience they hold up very well, just make sure to give them a couple of coats of polyurethane.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Great Post. Love so many of the ideas.

  9. Hi! I also LOVE, just love, love, love, that kitchen with the blue/gray color epoxy flooring! I found the same photo on another blog while looking at some ideas for granite counter color. I fell for it immediatley and am now using it as the inspiration for my new kitchen. I plan to mimick the color exactly, white granite counters and a dark stain on the cabinetry. Hopefully the vision in my head will translate in real life. Anyway, once all is done in November I will post a photo to show you how it turns out.

  10. These are indeed great samples for those who are looking for patterns when they will have their floors painted. This method does not only add beauty to one's flooring but also adds another protective layer against heavy foot or equipment traffic to ensure the durability of floors for many years.


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