Monday, May 4, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Tomorrow is May 5..Cinco de Mayo. Thinking of having a little Mexican Fiesta to celebrate? Here are a few ideas to get the party started. I haven't included any food ideas because well, it's Monday. You are going to have to throw this party together pretty quickly, so why not just order take-out and save some time!

First you will need a centerpiece. You can go with fresh flowers, or, my favorite, paper flowers. So fun and so festive.

photo from Martha Stewart

picture from Daily Danny

Don't want them as a centerpiece? Hang them overhead...beautiful!

Did you know you can buy paper flowers already made? Check out Plum Party here.
Or you could do what I do and make your own. So easy and then after the party save them for a finishing touch on presents.

Another great choice Straw Flowers. Also from Plum Party.

You will definitely need something cute to put chips in because what would a Mexican fiesta be with out chips and salsa? Baskets here.

Don't you just love, love these dinner plates? They practically scream "Ole!"
Jonathan Adler Acapulco dinner plates and platters.

What about a little mood lighting?
Hanging Lantern from Pier 1.

picture from Martha Stewart

These traditional Mexican celebration banners would make perfect place mats.
Find them here.

Of course, I had to throw in this Mexican quilt..I think I've used this photo three times now, but it is perfect for my imaginary party.

Now, hopefully if you did everything correctly, your fiesta will look like this.....

picture from Domino

Perfect!! Pass the chips and Corona Light please.

One more thing. It is not enough for your table to look good. You too must look festive so...

You can go the traditional route and wear a Vintage Mexican Wedding Dress


A more modern take on the Mexican theme would be this ever so fabulous dress from Milly.

Hope you have a very festive Cinco de Mayo!!
Me? I'll be celebrating Veggie de Mayo. This is a little known holiday that falls on May 4. You celebrate by only eating vegetables the entire day. Why? Because you pigged out on Mexican both Friday and Saturday night. Ashamed? A little? Happy? You bet!!


  1. you're funny. I want to come to the party at your house. I had that blue dress in college- bought it for nothing, sadly did not keep it. I WANT the Milly dress, but pesky finances keep me from having my fun!

  2. I've always wanted to make those hanging decorations (like the ones in the second photo.) They look just like giant peonies. Maybe I'll stop by Michael's and pick up some tissue paper today!

  3. I think I need to do veggie de mayo too! Like the chip bowls-stopped by Pier I this weekend and they had alot of interesting things-don't know that I need a hanging lantern but definetly some fake lemons! Can't do real ones or the dog will get at them!

  4. very fun. I do love that quilt:)

  5. What fun! Thanks for putting the part together for us.

    Tricia - Avolli


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