Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oops.. I Did it Again

I saw something I just had to have, so rushed over to my computer and ordered up. Sometimes you are lucky, sometimes not. This time? Three strikes. I know! I am very depressed and can only hope that since bad things come in threes I have paid my dues. Want to see my mistakes?

Remember this fabulous room from Two Ellie? (check out her blog here, you will love it) I love this room. On a hunch I went to the Anthropologie web site and found the quilt and shams. Pure joy. Did I order them? Well, no actually but a good friend saw it on my blog and she ordered the bedding ensemble. Now I'm even leading friends astray. As fabulous as it looks in this picture....

It just didn't do the trick in person. Tracy was nice enough to let me play with it before she sent it back to see if I could make it work. We both felt the same was BRIGHT. It was like having a Mexican Fiesta at the foot of your bed. I don't know about you, but I like a peaceful feeling in my bedroom.

I actually quite liked the blue and green shams, but the quilt was almost neon. Back it goes!

Speaking of neon..yes, I finally ordered one of the dad gum Mexican quilts. Well, my husband ordered it for Mother's Day. Do you know how long I have talked about ordering this? It came and it was glow in the dark yellow/orange. You can't get the full effect in this photo.

To truly experience the brightness of the color I put a butter yellow toile pillow on the sofa (black and white ticking but of course due to my stellar photography you can't tell). Those of you who are still thinking "It's not so bad" believe me when I say it was bad. Thankfully I had three days to return it. Lucky for me since it came from Ebay. I returned it that same day along with a card out of a paint wheel with colors that would make me happy, not cringe. Hopefully the nice Ebay seller will be able to help me out. You can check out his site here. Don't tell him I sent you. He thinks I am crazy!!

Now for strike number three. I thought these were cute and might be fun to wear on my date...I mean shopping trip, with Eddie and Jaithan. They look just like they do on Anthropologie's web site. That is until I got them on my feet..not cute. It may be because I have a tennis tan. That is where your legs are tan and your feet are white, really white. It is not a good look and these sandals just emphasized that. Back they go. Just remember, it is important to block out the amount you have paid in shipping and good can come of adding up these numbers. You would think I would learn, but no...I've always heard it is best to get back in the saddle. I am thinking about ordering these...

Cute, huh? You can find them here. I was picturing them with white jeans and a brown pheasant top and my big, green Target bag...You know, I want to look cute but not like I tried too hard. I guess we can figure that out later!

Hope all your Internet shopping is a huge success!


  1. Bill is sweet to buy you the quilt!! It is YELLOW. Love the shoes, but can see your point. FOR YOUR DATE WITH EDDIE AND JAITHAN-FUNNY GIRL. And I've seen the quilt in Anthropologie, where it makes me happy. It's bright, though. I'd love it in a teenager's room! The brown w/tuquoise sandlas are so you. And you're right- do not, I repeat, do not, calculate any shipping and handling costs!!

  2. I think most of us can relate to your trials and tribulations with online shopping. It's so disappointing though don't you think. Your three strikes are behind you now so go forth with confidence!

    Tricia - Avolli

  3. That's a shame about the quilt- but the sandals....the second pair is much better so maybe that's not a bad thing!

  4. I feel like you and I are having the same streak of bad luck! I bought about $500 worth of antiques and art at Brimfield for a client this week that won't work in the places I envisioned for them. Boo!
    At least you were able to return everything!!

  5. I agree with you about wanting a peaceful atmosphere in the bedroom. It's where I want to go to relax.

  6. it all looks so pretty in the pics...but i know what you mean! now you have me totally nervous about a purchase i just made. i saw a mike & chris shirt at the store that i just loved, but it was huge. found it on ebay (new) for much less (but certainly not dirt cheap) 2 sizes smaller. i have my fingers crossed that it will be perfect (but i do have 3 days to return it :)
    thanks for stopping by my glad to have found your fun blog

  7. love that quilt!

    Eddie + Jaithan

  8. So sad the quilt did not work. It looks so lovely in the pic. I do adore all your other goodies though.

  9. Aww honey... you have really had a time of it. You know the yellow looks divine on that sofa the way you tucked it in... but I could tell that it might be like staring into the sun. Love the turquoise sandals... my feet look like a field hand's after working in boots all day, so I can understand the sandal and white feet horror. I have to do tan in a bottle before showing mine.


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