Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Grey Gardens and Hobos

I saw this great bag in Cookie magazine and had to rush right out to Target to get it. What do you think? It is gigantic and I love the bright, happy color.

Hobo Bag: $22.99
You can get it here.

The yellow one was shown in Cookie but once I saw the green I couldn't make up my mind, so I brought them both home. I am leaning towards the green. It has a fabulous orange lining while the yellow has a shocking purple lining. I don't know; that purple just seems jarring to me. I don't want to be scared every time I dig around in my bag. Apparently it doesn't take much to scare me.

Dress: $24.99
I love this dress, also from Target, and have been trying to find one in my size.
If my sisters are reading this (you are reading my blog, aren't you?) please look in Atlanta and Charlotte for a size small in either blue or brown. Add it to my tab...many thanks!

The bright blue of the dress, and green and yellow of the bags are three of my favorite colors and remind me of one of my favorite rooms....

picture from Two Ellie

I LOVE this bedroom.
The quilts and shams reminded me of Anthropologie. Of course, I went right to the web site and there they were. Just waiting for me! Interested? You can see them here.

Switching gears...did you watch Grey Gardens on HBO Sunday night? I had planned to tape it and decided to watch only a few minutes. Two hours later I was still wide-eyed and fascinated. What a story. I had heard about Big Edie and Little Edie, but had never seen the Grey Gardens documentary and didn't know the full's a whopper. Sad and tragic but you can't look away. If you get a chance, please watch.

Grey Gardens in happier times.
I'll take one of these, please. Minus the mental instability of course!

The sad!!

If you want to see more you have to check out Visual Vamp. She did an amazing post on Grey Gardens with tons of pictures and background information. It truly is fascinating. Check it out here.
Let me know what you think.


  1. I was dying to see Grey Gardens, but don't have HBO!! So sad. LOVE that bedroom. I love the quilt, too, and I'm not even a yellow person(which is why I'd go with the green bag!). Fun post, Sissy!

  2. I was so fascinated with Grey Gardens-and loved the movie! Of course Samantha keeps calling me Big Edie now-do you think I am killing my kid's dreams?

  3. don't have HBO & am dying to see it!! :)

  4. I'll have to keep an eye out for a rerun of Grey Gardens. I forgot all about it on Sunday. And my vote is for the green bag.

  5. I love your style, humorous, fun, great vibe!


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