Friday, May 1, 2009

cottage living

I miss Cottage Living. I mean really miss it! Want to cry and stomp my feet miss it. Every issue had a least one house that I thought "That's it! My favorite home of all time." Of course the next month here would come a new issue and a new house love. The beauty of keeping old magazines under your bed is the joy of looking at them again and again. I've decided to feature some of Cottage Living's best every week or month..or I don't know. Don't hold me to a schedule. But on a fairly regular basis I will share something I love. Let's start with the Charleston cottage of Janet Gregg.

I call this look "traditional with a twist" (I probably need a new name, any ideas?) and I love it. Not too perfect, very lived in and full of personality.

Oh, look! Plates on the wall..again. Love them and of course she did a nice tight arrangement unlike someone else I know. I could (and sometimes do) stare at this image for hours! So many fun details.

Love the eclectic mix and and how it looks so relaxed. I have a problem with symmetry and being too tight. I am working on it and may need some lessons from Janet. Everything does not have to match...Maybe I should write that 100 times on the blackboard.

This is a great use of a small space. She sure packs a lot of personality in a small spot. Drinks anyone? To see more photos and read the article go here.

Evidently, Janet does not sit around all day in her fabulous cottage. She also designs jewelry and guess what? It is also fabulous! Take a look:

Freddie Gold Cuff $225

Do any hometown girls remember the gold cuffs Mrs. Butler used to give our mothers as gifts? This would have been maybe 25-30 years ago. Wouldn't you love to get your hands on one of those? Don't they remind you of this beautiful cuff?

Ferrin Silver $125

Arlo large silver $195-290

Just in time for Mother's day! There is more. Lots more and it is all good. Very good. Check out all her jewelry here.

Bill, I love the Ferrin Silver Pendant...just in case you need some's!


  1. She's fabulous! I would definitely call her eclectic, but I like lived in and messy, too! You make me laugh- I am not afraid to stomp my foot when I want something, and I want Cottage Living back! And your pendant is reasonable- you need to receive it for Mother's Day!

  2. Weird! i was just on her website yesterday. i love her jewelry and i love her house!! Oh i hope mom still has her Mrs. butler cuff!! wouldn't that be fun to start wearing. They were so awesome and what a good friend she was to give those out!! Where did Mrs. Butler find those? Didn't she bring them home from a special trip?
    Anyway i do like the way Janet arranges. totally makes the ordinary- extraordinary! betsy p

  3. Hey Sissy, I own that wonderful gold cuff from my friend, Janet Gregg's jewelry line. I got it last year at Janet's Scalamandre show in NY. I have loved wearing it and get a thousand compliments on it. P.S. I was your male reader, "DAVE" yesterday. I used our company's Google account and didn't realize it posted Dave's name until now. SORRY to have mislead you! I have really enjoyed reading your daily entries. Keep up the great blogging!!

  4. maison bleu:

    I am cracking up! I was a little surprised "Dave" was reading but thought "hey, great, men, women, children, the more the merrier!" The gold cuff is oh so fabulous!! Tell Janet she has a big fan. My problem is narrowing it down to one item!!

    Thanks for your comments and for reading!!


  5. Tell Bill to build you a little magazine trunk or something so they're not all stuffed under the bed!! Or is it easier if you cannot sleep to just hang over the edge and grab one??

  6. Love the Charleston home of Janet Gregg. LOVE LOVE LOVE cottage living. Their is the element of surprise yet its comfortably balanced. Adore the ottoman with the quilt pattern. I think what draws me to cottage living and less matchy design is that its a collection of the the designer/home owner. It screams... " this is me" ! Love your blog!

  7. Thanks for stopping by Style Redux-I really like your blog.


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