Thursday, April 30, 2009


Have you checked out the Quadrille website lately? Ever? Well, you're in for a treat!! You can view all the fabulous fabrics and wallpapers from Quadrille, Alan Campbell, China Seas and Home Couture. It was amazing how many of my all time favorite rooms have fabrics or wallpapers from one of these lines. I tried to find a few images that are not on the site for you...

Tom Scheerer
I have had this tagged in an old magazine for years!! I tried to find it under my bed but no luck. It is a disgrace under there. Would you not love this as your entrance hall? I would be greeting visitors all day!!

Same wallpaper in yellow. Love the bed. I imagine this is a guest room and, if you know who it belongs to, tell them I am ready for my visit!

Update: I just got a comment from a reader letting me know this is a room designed by one of our favorites, Kelly Wearstler. It is from a small, boutique hotel, Maison 140 in Beverly Hills, CA. So I CAN go stay there!! Maybe, one day. Check it out here. Don't you love the blogging world? Thank you Dave!!

The ottoman adds all the fun and punch!

Ruthie Sommers

This room is from a Domino makeover feature.

Alan Campbell - Deauville

All the Best

Love the pillows! Quadrille-Paradise Background

Fairfield Country Look

Love the green and brown. I know it is hard to see the fabric but don't you just like this little breakfast nook?

Love it? Do you want to see more? Click here.
Grab your Diet Coke or wine (depending on the time of day) and get ready for some beautiful rooms, it's like a slide show for adults. Enjoy!!


  1. Sissy, I love all those rooms, too. There's one in there {breakfast nook} that I don't think I've ever seen. Clever girl!

  2. Love the 2 chairs and ottoman room-wish I had that fireplace too! Loved the slide show-maybe one day I'll pull my house together....but it's nice to look at different ideas!

  3. So pretty! I'm in love with that yellow bedroom. It's like there's sunshine on the walls!

  4. Sissy, Kelly Wearstler chose the yellow wallpaper for the Parisian room at the small boutique hotel called, Maison 140. It's one of the properties owned by the Kor Hotel group which is Kelly's husband's company. It's located in Beverly Hills, CA.

  5. I remembered seeing that entry room immediately but can't remember where! It was a small cottage makeover, in England I think, and was so beautiful...wish I could's going to bug me now!

    Tricia - Avolli

  6. Dave:

    Thanks so much for the info! I have added it to my post!

  7. Tricia:

    I have tried to e-mail you back several times, not sure if you have received them. I think I saw that entrance hall in an old House Beautiful. Does that ring a bell? I am going to look some more this afternoon. If I find it I'll let you know.

  8. I don't really have anything to add because I really couldn't care less about the topic, but I wanted to participate in you blog. I'll be home soon. Please have dinner ready...something good, not the usual crap.

    Love, Bill

  9. Bill:

    Your dinner is ready. I put on my lipstick and pearls, the kids are bathed...we are SO looking forward to your arrival.



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