Tuesday, April 28, 2009

spring fashion

I have a dear friend, Kelley Frey, who owned one of the hippest, cutest stores in Boston..Wish. Maybe you read about the store. It was featured in Lucky magazine. She has since moved to Connecticut and is working as a personal shopper. She was kind enough to make a list of her favorite items for spring. Check out what she is loving right now..All the comments are from Kelley. I saved my two cents for the end.

Interested in anything? Click on the highlighted description for more info.

Also, for some strange reason all the type is not the same. There are several different fonts and, for the life of me, I can not figure out why! User error? Probably, but after numerous attempts to correct the problem I had to choose between my sanity or several hours on the #@&*%@* computer...I chose my sanity. I hope it is not too difficult to read. At least the pictures look good.

Velvet Martha Dress $106

"I don't love the way this looks on the model...she is too tall for it (poor thing!) I would live in this all summer! Have I mentioned I LOVE dresses?"

"This dress also comes in a BEAUTIFUL shade of cornflower blue. I am not a HUGE fan of the "maxi-dress", mainly because they don't seem that practical to me. I could see wearing this one out to dinner or to a summer bar-b-que, though, with plain ol' flip flops! "

Susana Monaco Dress $141

"You can find this in a jillion pretty colors...

"I adore bracelets. I think it is a great way to accessorize without too much "risk!" They don't compete with your outfit the way a statement necklace and earrings can (though I love some of those, too!)"

V-neck Ruffle Dress $78

"Another cute dress form J. Crew

Diane Von Furstenberg Diamond Print Dress $325

"I am a huge fan of dresses and I think this is a good mix of casual and dressy enough to wear to a party. Flip flops, sandals, whatever. I have to admit they didn't have it in yet so I haven't tried it on. the ONLY concern I have with this one are the pockets on the upper thigh....hmmm."

Three Dots Tank Dress With Tie $125

"I think I love this...could be super flattering, but might look best on someone more endowed or someone with a great bra! (I like Le Mystere for that!)

"Milly is bar none my favorite designer. Her name is Michelle Smith, she is incredibly talented, adorable, and soooo nice!! She is the kind of girl you want to go to lunch with! (Sissy...she also has amazing style with interiors...I am hoping she will launch a "home" line!) She uses this jersey fabric every season, and it is AMAZING!! Sooo comfortable and magically flattering, as so many knits are not!"

Theory Cropped Pants $225

"These pants are sooo cute!! They have that look of the "boyfriend" pant/jean, without being sloppy and unflattering!! I did not buy them "big"; I bought my regular size...I thought they looked better. Again, I don't quite get showing these with heels...I will probably wear them with sneakers!"

Vince Wrap Tie Cardigan $235

"I am LOVING a long cardigan this season. They seem so practical to me, as I am always cold when I am inside. I think this looks great with shorts, bermudas, capris, and jeans. I like the ones that button, too."

Tibi Butterfly Halter Tank $230

"Another one of my favorite designers! I have this fabric in a dress, though I really want the top too! (The top also comes in navy for those who are afraid of green)I adore dressy tops with white jeans for late Spring and fresh!I think this neckline is flattering on many women especially those with narrow shoulders like myself."

Joe's Jeans Chelsea Ankle Jeans $169

"I have not, and do not plan to hop on the skinny jean band wagon. However, these ankle jeans are so cute, so flattering and so comfortable. i personally would not wear them with heels (MAYBE a wedge) but these look great with dressier tops and tees..flip flops and pretty sandals."

Great selections Kelley!!

As for my two cents...I love them all but my very favorites are the long dress, cropped pants and cardigan. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE a long dress, I must have 15. I think it is the hippie in me, or Stevie Nicks. I would also love the cropped khakis with the long cardigan. I would pair them a vintage rocker tee and Chuck Taylors if I were running errands. For a dressier look I would mix it with a ruffled tank and a wedge sandal.

picture from The Sartorialist

The cropped pants and cardigan reminded me of this stylish girl from the streets of New York. It just goes to show khakis can look very hip and stylish.

I don't know about you but I've got some shopping to do! Thanks Kelley! Be sure to check out Kelley's website here.


  1. Sissy, the long dress is perfect for you! Since I am short, I'd do better with the Susan Monaco or J. Crew dress. Fun to see a personal shopper's picks!

  2. The VonFurstenberg dress is very cute-would look great on Chelsie- and loved the cropped pants. Most of it would look good on you Sissy since your so tiny- I would be a personal shopper's worst nightmare! Good thing I cannot afford one!

  3. I love that raffia clutch! I, too, am a big fan of the cardigan/cropped pants combo. I love that Sartorialist shot! He's one of my other favorite bloggers because he catches REAL people looking hip :-)

  4. Kelley is fantastic!! thanks for sharing....


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