Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is just weird. I was looking at My Notting Hill Monday and they had these fabulous shots from the Washington Design Center's Spring Design House. The pictures popped up again on Shelter on Tuesday. Don't you LOVE this built-in bed?

Are you wondering why I think it is weird?
Do you remember the shots from my daughter's room?

Yep! Built-in bed. The difference? Well, many, but the main one is that a decorator designed that bed and I designed my daughter's bed on a piece of scrap time I will call a decorator.

The other difference? Theirs is finished. I am still looking for the "perfect" fabric to cover the walls with. That will make a HUGE difference and give it a cozier feel plus add much needed color. Plus, I need decent sconces. These were on sale at Pottery Barn and I ordered them in a panic when the electrician said he just had to have something to put up. Does the man have no patience? I would have found something in the next 6-12 months! There is a trundle which I do love and lots of storage. The other thing that I thought was a coincidence was the sconces...

Aren't they great? They are huge. How do I know?

I have the same sconces! I picked the darker shades(mistake? I don' think so. I tried the oatmeal colored shades but they got lost against the wall color), but they are the exact same light fixtures. They look extra dark because the lights are not turned on. I am a little embarrassed to show you this picture as we are in the middle of a little project on the fireplace wall. Don't be scared. It will be much better. I promise!! I hope!!!

Right now it is dreadful, but soon..hopefully soon, we will get it all together. It has been like this for a year. Doesn't everyone live with wires hanging out of the wall? Why has it been so long? I can't commit to a plan. I keep changing my mind. (Ritalin anyone?) Thank goodness my husband is very patient. Right after I took this picture I watered my plants, they look much peppier now.

Can you tell anything from this drawing? The wall will be covered in wainscoting, but I will need to make some adjustments since I bought sconces 4 times bigger than planned. Don't you think it is better to go for it and not have something dinky? I am also on the hunt for something round to hang over the fireplace. I am going to Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta in June and hope to find something FABULOUS and unique there. I have something fun planned while in Atlanta....more details later.....

Don't forget to check out My Notting Hill for more pictures of the Washington Design Center's Spring Design here.


  1. Oh, that is my first time seeing your sconces, which are fabulous! Love them. The fireplace wall is going to be great. And aren't you proud of C's bed?! I don't see why you would need a decorator!!

  2. I think your bed is just as nice as the other-yours is more suited for a younger girl and the other is for an older person.

  3. I agree - I love your daughter's bed. Those sconces are fantastic.

  4. I agree with the other posters. To be honest, I actually like your bed BETTER! The other bed looks a little too busy, and the sconces overwhelm the small space. Kudos!

  5. LOVE the sconces in your home and in the other nook. Maybe you could just paint the inside for now? I think it looks great!

  6. I just found your blog and am loving it. Just had to say that I actually think your daughters bed is much nicer than the 'decorator' one. In fact, it took me a moment to work out which one was yours and which was the decorators.


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