Monday, April 27, 2009

Earth Day

Last Wednesday was Earth Day. To celebrate we rode our bikes to school. It was a beautiful morning and I felt like June Cleaver..I should have worn a dress and pearls but it didn't seem practical. Sure the school is only a mile away, but I probably saved an ounce of gas and a whole cloud of pollutants by not driving my giant car.

Here we are right before we took off. Poor Butterball, we snatched him right up out of his crib, threw him his bottle and strapped him in his seat. Thankfully he seemed to enjoy it. So Earth Day got me thinking about how I can do my part without getting to granola-y. I know we all want to do our part, but most of us want to do it while wearing deodorant and looking cute. Here are a few ideas and items to help you decorate and live more green...

We all have to clean and if you aren't familiar with Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products you should give them a try. They are environmentally safe and smell divine. I love the Lemon Verbena and even when I don't have time for a good cleaning I love to spray a little of this around to make my house at least smell clean and fresh.

Grocery totes: $9.95 If you are going to schlep bags back and forth to the grocery store at least make sure they look cute. Love these from Swoozie's.

Oyster Shell Candle Holder: $49

Who knew oyster shells could look so good? $49..I don't know. I live at/near the beach and I may just have to get out my handy glue gun and try to make a few of these before I part with $49 for one oyster candle holder. But I sure do like 'em!! Available at Wisteria.

Wine Label Burlap Pillow: $53.55 (on sale) Made from old French grain bags these pillows are available at Wisteria.

Seltzer Bottle Pendant: $395 It must be hard to find vintage seltzer bottles because these are not cheap. Still they're cool aren't they? Available at Sundance.

License Plate USA: $3,895 Also from Sundance. I love that the artist,
Aaron Foster, took old license plates and made something you would actually want to hang in your home. I would love this for my son's room.

Recycle Bangle Votives: $15 (set of 6) Have you ever wondered what to do with that drawer full of old bangles? Well, here's your answer! Available at Viva Terra

Reclaimed Indigo Oriental Rug: $95 (5 x 8) Made from recycled plastic bottles! Indoor/outdoor and reversible. Viva Terra

Misprint Lanterns: Med: $27 Large: $39 Sometimes the metal sheets used to make Coke cans have misspellings and can not be used. Instead of throwing them out, they are now being used to make these festive that's green! Viva Terra

Recycled Glass Olive Lamp: $429 I really love the look of this lamp. The color of the lamp and the shade together is perfect, my two favorite colors. The base and finial are made from recycled glass. Viva Terra

So if you must buy, try to buy green and if that doesn't appeal to you, you could just go green..literally.



InStyle Magazine

See, it's not so hard being green.


  1. Love those lanterns and the rug. And I've wanted that map for forever, but must it be so expensive?! Y'all look too cute so early in the morning, and you make me laugh about June.

  2. where do you get the Mrs. Meyers products? Don'think I've seen them....Did you all ride across Oleander??? That would scare the heck out of me!

  3. Great post. The bike picture is so cute. I want one of those burlap pillows.

  4. I love that indoor/outdoor rug - what a great price!

  5. You can get Mrs. Meyers products in a lot of "earth friendly" grocery stores. But, it might be worth ordering online if you can't find it locally:

  6. Maureen: You can click on Mrs Myers name and it will take you to the site. Also, in NC you can get her products at Harris Tetter, Target and World Market.

    PS I did not ride my bike across Oleander!

  7. I love the list! You and your family all on bikes is precious. I can't wait till we get to that stage.

  8. Love your going 'green' post! Thanks so much for commenting on my basement makeover. It was a lot of fun. BTW I ordered a lot of the Mrs. Meyer's lemon verbena stuff... all because of you :) Its my favorite herb!


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