Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nie Nie

Do you know Nie Nie? Stephanie Nielson? The Nie Nie Dialogues? Well, you should. If I am ever having a bad day-you know, the baby is crying, the twins are fighting, I'm out of Diet Coke and I missed Oprah-I think about Nie Nie and I get a grip on myself! She has the most beautiful, loving family and adores being a mom. Her blog is about the simple pleasures in life and making special memories with her kids.

One big happy family!
Stephanie, her husband and four children.

I made this collage of random happy pictures from her myself and even added the color border. Shocked? I am!!

This picture really sums up her personality for me. When was the
last time you jumped on a bed out of pure joy?

For me it was probably around 1974.

Her home even won the Cookie Magazine Home of the Year 2008.

Silhouettes that Stephanie did herself of
all the family members

If you look closely there is wallpaper in the back of the shelves.
She got it at Old Navy...gotta love that!

The boys' room

The kitchen
The back wall is covered with photos of the kids.

In August 2008 she and her husband were in a very serious plane crash. One man was killed and Stephanie and her husband were badly burned. The blogging community rallied around the family during this difficult time and this is when I first heard of Nie Nie. I followed her recovery and bit by bit read her blog archives. They will make you want to hug your kids and whip up a craft or at least a batch of cupcakes!

She has recently started blogging again and it is well worth the read. What an inspiration! Check it out here. You just have to promise to go back and read some of the older posts-you will be glad you did. You will also be grateful for the little things you have. I know I am.

Thank you Stephanie!


  1. She has such a beautiful spirit!!

  2. I do follow Nie Nie's blog... makes me want to hug her! Loved your expose'. I think that wall of photos should have made it to my wallpaper list. Ahhhhh.... next time. Beauty, spirit and inspiration... I am so thankful for being able to find that in the little things... you made my day!

  3. What an inspiration she is!!! And what lucky children to have a MOm like that! I love how she makes childrens art, family photos, all stuff that we have- so new, fresh and modern. I look forward to reading her blogs, new and old! Glad she is on the mend because she is one special gal! Momma of 4,Betsy P

  4. Okay, i've just been reading a page or two of her blog journal and am almost in tears! She is so brave. i am in awe! bp

  5. Wow, that is incredibly inspiring. Thank you sooooo much for sharing that! It's amazing how a small bit of inspiration can change your entire attitude!


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