Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

O.K It really wasn't an Easter Egg hunt but a hunt for good deals. The article, from yesterday, on Ali Wentworth got me itching to check out our local thrift stores for good deals. I didn't find the golden egg or deal, but here are few fun finds.

First stop: Vintage Values

The best part about this store? It is somewhat attractive and on a cute, artsy street in Wilmington. Not scary at all.

Lamps: $14.99 each

Love these! They were in great shape and all they need
are big black drum shade

Lamps: $4.99 each

Perfect for a little girl's room

Throw: $2.00

Pottery Barn 100% Cashmere Throw

Chair: $25.00

Second stop: Salvation Army
Aren't these cute? (Yes, there was a pair)
Of course you would need to have them recovered, but I love the shape.

I can't tell you where I found these sheets. It was just too darn scary and I don't want to talk badly about people who are helping the needy. I will say it was so bad I called my husband to tell him I was going in and he said "please call when you get out." On a happier note, these sheets were very cute, pink on pink trellis pattern, twin sets for $10. I did want to tell the man working there that a little merchandising, not to mention cleaning, would have made a world of difference. I could tell he wasn't have a good day, so I kept my opinions to myself. I was dying to rearrange things, group-like items etc but I thought it best not to touch the merchandise...

If you want to see the master of thrift stores and flea markets you have got to check out Eddie's blog. Eddie Ross. You can see his blog here. He is amazing and so are the items he finds. His before and afters will blow you away and inspire you to hit the stores.

If you get a chance check out your local thrift stores. Be brave. You never know what you might find and the bigger the cities the better the variety. If you find something fabulous let me know.

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  1. did you buy anything? The $2 PB throw? I would not have been able to resist! Tell all- I need to know what the scary place is!


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