Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ali Wentworth

Do you know Ali? Ali Wentworth, Mrs. George Stepanopoulos. She is on Oprah on Friday's and has a show on the Starz network called "Head Case" ...I think she is a hoot and when I saw her home on Shelter I knew I had to share. First, in case you are not familiar with Ms Wentworth here are a few photos:

Ali and George on their Wedding Day

all pictures from Dan's Hamptons

Doesn't she just look cute and normal and like someone who would be in your book club? Wonder if she might want to join mine? How busy could she be, two kids, famous husband, two T.V. shows and she lives several states away....

Basement playroom. Ali painted the stripes herself.
Wonder if George helped?

Arts & craft area in playroom. Ali got the fabulous table at a flea market.
I love that giant photograph of her daughter.

The girls share a room and a king size bed.

Vintage ballerina painting

Vintage lamp, antique chest. Don't you love the zebra rug?

Powder Room

You should go here and read the article. Ali is a girl after my own design heart. She buys from flea markets, Ikea, Pottery Barn and Goodwill giving everything a good dose of spray paint. I love that and as you can tell it makes her home unique. Wish we cold see more of it!!


  1. can we go visit her?! Those girls could make some room in that bed! LOVE the playroom- how much fun to do crafts at that fab table? I have to go read the article later.

  2. Well looking at all these photos makes me realize when they were handing out good taste, I was at the back of the line! My house is so not cute...

  3. I swear when i first scrolled down to see the first photo i thought it was you with George! You have another look-a-like! Great post, can't wait to check out the Shelter article.betsyp


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