Thursday, April 2, 2009

First Love

My anniversary is coming up this weekend, 12 years. Like most people it got me thinking about my first love. No, it's not what you are was our first home together. The first house we bought. A good friend in Charlotte (Maureen) e-mailed it to me over the weekend, seems it just sold.

Ahh...Isn't it cute?

Got to love that backyard and deck, well, what you can see of the deck that we built with our own two hands.

These of course are not our furnishings, but it looks nice.

The house did not always look like the top picture. We wanted a house to fix up. We needed a house to fix up because of our financial status and we got one. Brace yourselves. This is not pretty, if you have small children please make them leave the room. This is what it looked like when we bought it....

Home sweet home! We were actually excited to call this dump home!! Oh, to be young and crazy again! The guy who did our home inspection spent several hours going over the house and then sat us down and said "Why Sissy? Why? Why not tear it down and start over?" Well, it was too late! We were hooked and knew this little house could be saved!

Just wanted to make sure you saw the AC unit hanging out of the window. We did add central air. We weren't that crazy.

How 'bout that addition on the back? Yep, you don't find craftsmanship like that today. Don't worry, we ripped it off and added a new addition.

I will have to say after A LOT of work that little house really paid off. We doubled our money and two years later moved to our next dump. I mean diamond in the rough. We have since bought and fixed up four houses. We use to buy a house, fix it up and sell it every two years. But now..I am old, I am tired and I'm done!!

What was your first house like? Picture perfect or did it need work? No matter where you move I think that first homes are always special, or scary if it was anything like our first home!

Happy Anniversary Honey! We've come along way!!


  1. Oh Happy Anniversary! Wish you'd come here like last year!! I LOVED that little house, but I loved the next one better. You have the touch- they have all looked great.

  2. That WAS a scarey house-but you guys did an amazing job with it!

  3. Hey Sissy, I loved that house, still walk by it every day!!!
    Melissa Messick

  4. Meant to also say Happy Aniversary!!


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