Wednesday, March 4, 2009

To the Maxx

T.J. Maxx that is. I went today for a little look around and took a few pictures. I would have taken a few more but you wouldn't believe the looks you get when you rearrange some shelves, take a few pictures. Doesn't everyone do this? Is it just me? Oh well, see what you think about these.....

I LOVE these pineapple-ish bookend/doodads. Can't you just think of a million places in your home for these? I can't remember if they were $9.99 each or $12.99 each but why didn't I just buy the darn things. I have been thinking about them all day. I may have to go retrieve them tomorrow and give them a nice home. Any local readers.....hands off!

Down-filled pillow $12.99 and 5x8 sheepskin rug for $99.99. When I say sheepskin I mean sheepskin like. It was very fluffy and soft and I would love to see it in Butterball's nursery (Butterball is my 1 year old baby boy and he
loves anything soft and fluffy)

We've all seen these rope knots in countless magazines and catalogs including Ballard Designs. I think they are good for adding texture and would look nice tucked under a table, on a table, or as a doorstop.

There were two of these lanterns (everything looks better in a pair). They would look great on your dining room table, by a fireplace or outside. At $19.99 each you can't beat it. Pottery Barn has something very similar for around $60.

These lattice boxes were great looking in person. I would love to see them painted in a high gloss yellow, turquoise or even brown. They would be the perfect stylish solution to hold my many, many magazines. Maybe I need to go back and get these, they were only $16.99 each.

These brown and white pillows are a favorite T.J. Maxx find. A big thanks to Betsy P who called and said "There are some pillows over here that look just like you!" Of course I rushed right over and was amazed at how similar they look to the ever fabulous Imperial Trellis.

picture from Absolutely Beautiful Things

Imperial Trellis by Kelly Wearstler

Have a free day? A few hours to kill and money in your pocket? Why not head over to your closest T.J. Maxx and see what you can find. Happy hunting!!

p.s. I was able to edit one of the bedroom pictures from yesterday. Still not great but better!


  1. Awesome post today Sissy! I am loving the lattice containers! Are you going back for the pinapples? bp

  2. oh my gosh, that is your guest room! I'm coming! I hope. it looks fabulous! I bought those same "imperial trellis" pillows in blue- LOVE them. I went to TJ Maxx recently and it was awesome. great post! M.


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