Tuesday, March 3, 2009

House Beautiful...LOVE

House Beautiful March 2009...I am sure if you are anything like me you have already read and reread your March House Beautiful so I know you have seen these pictures but I love them so much I felt it was worth taking another look.

The guesthouse (yes, I said guesthouse!!!!) that John Willey decorated is just so full of fun bright colors I keep coming back to the pictures over and over again. The rooms I love are crisp and clean with a little of the's right up my alley.

picture from House Beautiful

You know blue is my favorite color and turquoise, well that is even better!! This chandelier would bring me many hours of joy and I bet it's not even expensive!

picture from Elements of Style

Don't you love the color combination? And the yellow pillow?

picture from Alicia B Designs

This has got to be one of my favorites!!! Wouldn't you love to be the guest staying here?

The bedroom with the sea glass green/light turquoise walls and the fun John Robshaw yellow bolster pillow got me thinking about my own bedroom. I have been wanting to have a large rectangular pillow made for my bed out of this: (remember my bargain fabric)

Oh my!! Now I know why professional photographers are worth their weight in gold!! My pictures make me cringe but at least you can get an idea of what I am talking about (I will try to edit in better pictures tomorrow). So what do you think of the fabric in my room? I'm liking it. It may be time to call Connie for some pillow making. (by the way, the fabric is just propped up on my bed to give you a very vague idea of what it would look like)


  1. Sissy

    I want to live in that guest house. The turquoise chandelier would look awesome in your house (It would look good in my house, too, for that matter!). Your bedroom looks so pretty, and it looks even better in real life. Yes, you'd better rush right out to your pillow person. xoM.

  2. M:

    You are right! That chandelier would look great in your house too!!! I may have to get some pics of all the great light fixtures in your house to share with everyone!


  3. Your bedroom looks great in the photo! I love your bedding and the headboard! I agree with M. The pillow would be a great addition. Any idea where the chandelier game from? bp

  4. Hi! the chandelier is Turquoise Empire from Marjorie Skouras 323-469-3636. There is also one close to it on the Neiman Marcus website. Thanks for liking the bedroom, bad photos and all!



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