Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dinner Anyone?

What could be better than dinner with friends? We were invited to our neighbor's for dinner Sunday night, it was so cold and dreary outside and their house was so warm and cozy and the table looked so pretty I asked if I could take a couple of pictures to share....

Cozy right? Did I mention they are next door neighbors? So convenient to cut through the hedges and enjoy a meal with good food and good friends. Isn't dinner always better when someone else makes it (and you have a cocktail or two)? Thanks Beth & David for a great night!

Looking at these pictures got me thinking of other rooms I've seen where I might like to dine. Nothing too fancy or formal....

picture from simple grove

Did I say dine? I could live in this dining room by Ashley Whittaker.

Nate Turner: picture from Domino

Our next renovation I must, must have bookshelves in my dining room. I just love the whole library/dining room combo. What could be cozier?

Peter Dunham: picture from Domino

Oh look, another dining room/library combo. Love it!

Windsor Smith: picture from Domino

I would have to have a super cute outfit to eat here. It just screams stylish. Wouldn't you love to host your book club around this table? Loving the floors, the chairs, the table, the pillow... OK, I am loving it all.

1 comment :

  1. LOVE your neighbors' house! Those green lamps are the best. I am planning{or hoping, rather} to put bookshelves in my breakfast room. One day.


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