Thursday, March 19, 2009

Special Delivery

Do you know what this is?

This is a very bad mail day. It was last week-remember I had sick kids home ALL week and couldn't leave the house. Practically my only contact with the outside world was my computer and the mail man. Everyday I waited, excited to see what he would bring me and then he had the NERVE to drop this through my mail slot. Come on!! He couldn't throw me a bone? Even a Pottery barn catalogue would have brightened my day.

Do you know what this is?

This is a very good mail day. The mail man must have felt bad because the next day he showed up with two packages and a Canadian Style at Home magazine. (Sad, but true, I also subscribe to Canadian home magazines) Do you want to see what was inside?

First from my very generous mother-in-law:

Don't you love when the store wrap things up like a little present.
It just brought me joy.

Adorable! A seersucker bathing suit and jon-jon with
turtles for Butterball.

Secondly, from a fabulous ebay seller....

My Boots!!! Yes! The boots from the anniversary dilemma post. Aren't they the best? You know, with ebay it's a gamble, you never know exactly what you are going to get. Before I opened the box I said a little prayer to the shoe Gods "please, just let them be decent, and fit, and not smell bad." All my prayers were answered and more! They are better than I had hoped. Today I am a very happy and grateful girl!! (PS, if you go back to the post from Warsaw where I am standing with the metal shelving unit, I am wearing them-March 17)

I hope you had a very good mail day today!!


  1. Sissy

    You crack me up, and I love the way you write. And you KNOW I love that white French chair. Where is it- I'm confused. I thought the green hanging was in your hallway! Love the boots. I'd forgotten how cute little baby clothes are. It makes me sad that it goes by so fast. M.

  2. You are just like Martha/Rachel Ray and Oprah all rolled into one! Love to read this each morning and remember the funny things that brought you joy!


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