Friday, March 20, 2009

Roberta Roller Rabbit

Kind of a catchy name, huh? You are probably wondering what the heck it is, well you are going to love this: Fabulous fabric and clothing from Roberta Freymann.

picture from turquoise chic

Roberta Freymann in her New York store

Fabrics and Quilts
Don't you just want to crawl in there?

More fabulous fabric

picture from snappy turtle

Hobo Bag

I would love to lug one of these bags around town, the beach or pool. It's important to look cute even when your schlepping around diapers, snacks, the latest magazines etc.

This line of fabric, tunics, quilts, hobo bags and more just makes me happy!!! I have been watching Roberta Freymann for a while but she only has stores in NY and CA. After repeatedly calling her store I found out they are going to have their online site up and running next month. YIPPEE!!! The fabrics are very reasonably priced at $15-$20 a yard. The quilts $65-$225 and tunics $50-$70.

If you want/need to see more you can right here.
I'll let you know as soon as the website is up and running. If anyone is going to NY soon, stop by the store and take some pictures, buy me a pillow or some fabric, I'm not picky, especially if you are buying.

Have a great weekend!!!

1 comment :

  1. you're funny! I spy a blue quilt and tunic thst would be happy to have a home with me! Happy week-end!


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