Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Save Domino

Save Domino

Is anyone as sad about the end of Domino as I am? (Michele, Betsy P., Betsy Von B.?) We need to pull ourselves together and do something productive. Go to Save Domino and sign the petition and maybe we can get the magazine up and running again. Wouldn't that make your day? Well, it would make mine so please forward this to all your style savvy friends and tell them to help the cause!!

I especially miss the daily dose bloggers and one of my favorites was Nick Olsen: the Deal Hunter. He used to work for Miles Redd and has style galore and better yet style galore on a budget. What's not to love? Take a look at his apartment...

Nick Olsen: "I want to do it myself and do it cheaply."

Love the painted fireplace, black starfish and zebra rug....

Love the use of books as a side table and room divider.
The roller shades? Yep, they were plain white and he painted stripes on them.

He covered the Chinese lantern himself in grass cloth.
Wouldn't you love to have a craft date with him? If I was saving money I don't even think my husband would care.

The rug between the beds was plain white from Pier 1, Nick painted the
chevron pattern himself. This is right up my crafty little alley.

Every Domino was full of fabulous interiors like Nick's apartment. It just made me happy to get a new Domino in the mail. I couldn't wait to sit down with my Diet Coke and bowl of popcorn and go through page by page. Even now I go through back issues several times a week. They are all (from the very first issue) stacked neatly...or not so neatly, under my bed.

all pictures from Domino

This is one of my favorite all time Domino rooms.
Don't you think this needs saving?

How is it possible that Knit N Style, Crochet World and Bead Style (yes, these are real magazines) are all thriving and Domino is out of business? Have you been to the mall lately? The world needs more style.

So please, take a minute and Save Domino


  1. Sissy

    You are making me laugh out loud with your crochet and bead magazines and your CRAFT DATE. I want to go on that one. He's too clever and cute. So are you! M.

  2. What kind of paint do you use on a rug? Wouldn't there be a lot of fuzzies and stuff?

  3. Hey Mo!

    It's more like a mat than a rug and you can use fabric paint that you can get at any craft store. Give it a try and let me see the results!


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