Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Don't Tell Bill

I wasn't planning on buying much, just hopefully a small table and maybe an accessory or two.

First, I found a round side table:

Side Table: $95

It's an old (or probably made to look old and that's O.K. with me) carved wooden bottom with a round concrete top. I heart it. Please ignore the green chairs in the picture.I've only had them for over 10 years and they are in desperate need of a day.

This is how I imagined the table looking in it's new home. 10 minutes after I took this picture I heard two big crashes, I thought Butterball had fallen down the stairs. No, he had just thrown the starfish (it survived, must be tougher than it looks) and knocked both books on the floor. Enough? No. He was standing on the table. Oh well, so much for a tablescape.

My second purchase was this metal shelving unit. Was I looking for a metal shelving unit? No. Did I need a metal shelving unit? No. Did I think it was super cool? Yes. Did I buy it? Yes!

This is the nice man who helped cram this in my car. See, it does pay to drive a bus! (O.K. it's really a Suburban but it feels like I am driving a school bus. Surprisingly, I love it. I know, I know, gas hog, carbon footprint, blah blah. Next time you are at the Big Green Warehouse and have a chest to get home you will be glad to see me and my bus. So be nice!)

Metal Shelving Unit: $195

To be honest I had a major case of buyer's remorse on the drive home but not to worry. I found a spot for it and I think we are going to be very happy together.

I threw a couple of things on the shelves to make it look more at home. It was Friday night and I was trying to make dinner (Mexican Chicken Chile) so it may change. Plus those blue milk glass wine glasses may be within reach of some grubby little hands. But so far I am pretty happy with it. All in all it was a great day!!

Oh,I almost forgot one of the best parts. Remember how I said it was cold and dreary? Well, as a special treat, Betsy and I stopped at Arby's and got a hot roast beef sandwich and potato cakes with horsey sauce. We really know how to live it up, don't we?


  1. okay, I have so many things to say. First, I do so love an Arby's Roast Beef sandwich. A little scary. But I ADORE the shelving unit. The table is great, too.(awesome concrete top- keep baby off). No buyer's remorse!! And you did get your blue opaline goblets (did I know that?!). I love everything about that shelving unit. Where is it?!

  2. Sissy, i'm totally cracking up with you mentioning our Arbys. both of your purchases look fab. you got lots of bang for the ol buckeroo! i really love both pieces in your home. i'm loving what i got too. bp

  3. You are so good at this- I wish you still lived in Charlotte! You have great vision


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