Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pick Me Up

Need a pick me up? Check out Anna's blog Absolutely Beautiful Things. You can see it here. She's an Aussie girl with absolutely beautiful taste. She has the perfect style to get you in the mood for spring. Warning, her bold use of color will make you want to redecorate. This love of bright, fun colors reminds me of a friend's (Betsy P) paintings. I have several of her wonderful works of art in my home and with her permission I have photographed a few. Enjoy!

I stopped by her studio yesterday to check in and convinced her to let me photograph this painting. It is a work in progress according to Betsy. Looks pretty good to me as is.

Since moving to Wilmington Betsy has set up an art studio in her adorable garage apartment. In the mornings she graps a cup of coffee, throws on her painting smock and skips over to her light filled studio. Jealous? I am!


  1. oh, I'm SO jealous!! Betsy needs to sell some of those on Etsy. You know I wanted to pack that 4th one in my suitcase the first time I saw it! You're right, they WOULD look right at home with Anna Spiro. She just lives in a wonderful color land.

  2. Love these paintings! Thanks so much for the mention!

  3. i'm excited to be painting again! thanks for the kind words! we'll, i better go find my smock and get to work...bp


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