Friday, March 27, 2009

It's a Good Thing

Home's a good thing. A very good thing. I went on a little scouting trip and this is what I found:

Garden Stool $39.99

I love a good looking garden many options. Seat, side table....There were two of these and I didn't have my handy tape measure with me, but I think they were around 18 inches tall, perfect. They would look great on either side of your fireplace or beside a chair with a stack of books.

Pineapple stool: 39.99

Perfect for a little side table or as a giant door stop. It is much bigger in person.

Giant Planter

Wish I had a price for these but they were so heavy I couldn't lift them by myself and I just couldn't ask granny who was working to help me. I try to be discreet with my camera, notepad, measuring tape.....


Again, very heavy so no price. Probably about 2 1/2 feet tall.

Pom Pom Pillow: $16.99

I thought this was a fun little pillow especially for a little girl's room. They had a ton.

Ikat-ish Quilt: $39.99 Queen $29.99 Twin

I thought these were great looking and could picture a whole bedroom based on these quilts. With lots of white it would feel very fresh and spring like.

Metal-Wood Table $29.99

You know I love this because it reminds me of.....

This: Metal-Wood Table $85

Remember the table from the Big Green Warehouse? It is amazing the similarities. So if you couldn't make it to the big sale, head over to Home Goods. The Home Goods table is even bigger and cheaper, uh...less expensive.

Metal Planter: $39.99

Loved this, but again wish there had been two of them.

Lamp: $39.99

Wouldn't this look great in a boy's room or an office? They had several so you could get a pair.

Messenger Bag: $5.99

I know this is a little random but I just loved this bag. I thought it would make a great gift. For a child's birthday you could put make-up, hair accessories and costume jewelry. For an adult you could put some flip flop's and a beach towel. Or maybe art supplies, or great beach reads, or magazines or cooking supplies....I guess you get the idea.

See something you like? Better hurry..I might see you there!


  1. I love Home Goods, but don't love the hike out to Ballantyne to get there! That lamp would look so good in J's room. Love the black planter. My favorite is the table. And you have so many good gift ideas! You make me want to drive out to Ballantyne...

  2. OK- love all these planters but could you take it a step further and tell us what you would put in there??? I want stuff for our front porch butI've never planted a thing in my life....


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