Friday, March 6, 2009

Kid's Rooms

Don't you just love them? Well, the ones in the magazines anyway. If your kids are like my kids their rooms usually look like a disaster site. Sure I can clean them up, design fabulous and interesting displays out of Webkinz but then what? Ban the kids from their own rooms? Let's just enjoy some of my favorites for now....

picture from Domino

Love this headboard and room (it's a boy's room. Are you surprised? Pink rug? Not my boy!) The fabric for the headboard is made out of a vintage John Robshaw quilt. Vintage? Now I love John Robshaw but he can't be older than 40 can he have a vintage quilt? Maybe by vintage they just mean it is not being made any more. Since you can't purchase this quilt I found:

Pretty close, huh? It is an Otomi Mexican embroidered quilt that you can get here. I have lots of ideas about how I could use one of these and I have had my eye on the golden yellow one for a while.

I just can't seem to bite the bullet and order it. It may be due to my case of advance DADD. In case you have not been reading your Journal of American Medicine, that is Decorating Attention Deficit Disorder. It can cause you to run from one shiny thing to the next with out committing to any of them. Plus, what if I see something better tomorrow...then what?

picture from domino

Wouldn't you love for your little buckeroo to sleep here? Can you tell the curtains are made out of a vintage cowboy print fabric? The unexpected zebra adds such a fun touch. Want to try something similar?

I think this Cath Kidtson fabric would give you the same look. Or you may want to try etsy. They have a lot of vintage fabric.

Zebra-ish fabric from Ballard Designs

picture from Domino

I liked this room because it looks so peaceful and girlish and then they threw in the brown vintage (there's that word again) textile that is hanging between the beds. Nice work.

Well, I'm off to organize, clean, fluff and spruce up Doodle's, Peanut's and Butterball's rooms. If I ever get them finished or at least straightened up I may share them with you. Right now they are works in progress.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Sissy! Another great post!!! Your blog is really now one of my favorites. I'm serious. Your right up there with elements of style!!!


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