Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hansel, I'm home!

How much charm can one house have? Don't you love the roses growing over the doorway? It would be like walking into a cottage from a fairy tale.

2618 Hyde Manor

This is the home of one of my oldest and dearest friends and it is so full of style and personality I decided to share it with you. The house is in Atlanta in a fabulous area with a ton of kids who roam the neighborhood and ride their bikes like the old days (by "old days" I mean when we were little). Luckily for me, Betsy has recently moved to Wilmington. Luckily for you, the house is for sale and you can get more info here. If you know anyone in Atlanta looking for a charming family home, spread the word.

Living Room-Love the zebra rug.

Family Room-Animal print and pops of pink

Study-Eclectic mix of furnishings

Master Bedroom-Soothing and relaxing

Kitchen - Concrete counter-tops, Love

Did you notice that Betsy painted the wood floors white? Don't you wish you were that brave? It adds such style and charm to a home. She said they were easy to keep clean and with 4 kids and a dog, she should know! This house is also a good example of starting with a clean slate: white walls-white floors. Betsy then added color with her accessories, Pink, Yellow, Green. Take another look and you will see one or more of these colors in every room adding a pop of style.

It gets better, the house also comes with a potting shed.

This is a picture of Betsy and me in the potting shed.......just kidding!! I didn't have a picture of the shed and just wanted to get a fun image in your mind. If I had a potting shed, I think I would string white lights around it and use it as a bar when I had a spring/summer dinner party. Can't you just picture it? I'll invite you just as soon as I get that shed!!


  1. Sissy/Gretel, you are too cute. Yes, you need a potting shed with lights as a bar! Betsy, FABULOUS house- I must see your house in Wilmington. Pictures, please!

  2. Michele: Not to worry. I will be photographing Betsy's new house soon. You will love it!

    PS Betsy, can I take pictures of your new house to put on my blog..please?


  3. ya'll are too cute! may this blog bring good karma to the atlanta real estate market!!! sell-house-sell!!! we loved living in this house- so light and bright with sunshine! the best thing about it was the view in the backyard-you always felt like you were somewhere far away from atlanta-a true urban retreat! bp


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