Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Spring at Target...You know Target, the store you go to to pick up one pack of diapers and leave with a cart full of items you can't live without. I am making progress. I went, I looked, I took pictures, I tried on bathing suits (a little scary) and left without making a purchase. No promises, I may be back in the next day or two to pick up a few of these, but it is a start.

Clearance lamps: $41.99. Not bad looking.

Love this blue geometric dinner plate: $12.99 with the white salad plate: $1.99 and the blue, two tone bowl: $2.99.

I also liked the white serving tray: $12.99 (it comes in red and black but trust me the white is the best)

Green oval serving tray: $12.99 (I think)

Green Damask Tray $9.99

Butterfly Tray: $12.99 Butterflies are big for Spring

I don't know if you can tell, but this is a full apron, I just couldn't get it opened up because of the way the tag was put on. So cute. It would be perfect to wear when you make cupcakes with your kids. You do that, right? It was $14.99 and reminds me of...

Anthropologie apron, $38.00. Don't even get me started on Anthropologie, I love it. And I love aprons, I could probably do a whole post on aprons...maybe I will. I just think it is much more fun to cook when you look cute.

Woven Stools: $49.99.
Target called then stools but I would use them as a small end table.

Woven Storage boxes: $49.99

Target didn't have a lot of good looking pillows but I thought this one was bright and cheerful and sure looks like spring. At $19.99 you can't go wrong. It made me think of my favorite Target pillow.....

The little brown one with the Greek key it! It moves from room to room depending on my mood. This picture was taken while it was visiting in Clay's room. I really like it there except for one small problem, I only have one pillow and there are two beds in his room. If you happen to have one of these pillows that you no longer care for, let me know. I will be happy to give it a good home.

Pig Watering Can....
This just cracked me up. Shown is the larger size for $29.99, there is a smaller pig for $19.99. Nothing says Spring quite like water from a pig's snout.

Happy Spring Shopping!!!

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