Friday, April 3, 2009

Fabulous Finds for My Anniversary

I may have mentioned once or twice that Sunday is my anniversary-12 Years. An anniversary gets you thinking about your marriage and your mate and you know what the best part is? No, not that we still love each other, but we do. The best part is we still like each other. Really like each other. And we laugh, a lot! Usually at ourselves. But this year I also got to thinking about gifts and the old fashioned list of what you should give each year. I decided to go through the first 12 years and give my own take on an old tradition...

1st Year - Paper
From Walnut Wallpaper
Euro Damask - Blue

2nd year - Cotton
ebay - Otomi Mexican Quilt $250
Yes, I still want this.

3rd Year - Leather
Sundance - El Dorado Bag $298

4th year - Fruit & Flowers
Josef Frank - Vegetable Tree fabric $192/year
I know it is called Vegetable Tree but I see some fruits & flowers.

5th Year - Wood
Avolli - The perfect chest from $4650

6th Year - Candy
Candy Crate - Zots $17.45 Cigarettes $6.98
Can you see the top picture? Their Zots! I LOVE Zots and you just can't
find them these days. The second picture is candy cigarettes...don't you love it? What would your friends say if you sent these home in their kid's goodies bags? I remember many a time puffing away on my own candy cigarettes. How did we end up so normal?

7th Year - Copper
Planter Ixchange Urn $498
Now this is something to get excited about!! Two of these by my front door would make me a happy girl-but then so would a box of Zots so why spend the big bucks?

8th year - Bronze
Krupps - Turtle Fountain $26,519

Yep, $26,000. Bill, if you ever buy me a gift that cost

$26,000 it better not be this fountain!

9th Year - Pottery
ebay - Asiatic Pheasant Platter $100
It would be nice to add to my collection.

10th Year - Tin
Stray Dog - Doug Buffet Lamp $500
I think it is tin. If not it's close enough.

11th Year - Steel
Kitchen Restaurant Supply - Stainless Steel Table $310
I have one of these in my laundry room and I love it. Well, I love it when I can see it. It is usually hidden under tons of clean laundry. I don't mind washing the clothes, I just don't like folding and putting them away.

12th Year - Silk
Madeline Weinrib Pillow $300-$500

There you go, just a few fabulous finds for my anniversary! Don't panic, you have until Sunday to get your shopping done!



  1. I can't relate to this-no comment

  2. great ideas! Um- I don't want the turtles!

  3. Thanks for including our elegant Elm Empire chest of drawers in your anniversary list. It is even more beautiful in person and would be a lovely addition to any home and any design style.

    Your blog is great and I've saved it to my favorites!

    Tricia - Avolli


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