Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Granny Chic

Most of us have hand me downs from our families in our homes. If we are lucky they are antiques. If we are extremely lucky they are attractive antiques that we actually like.
I'm talking about dining room tables, sideboards, chests, etc. But then I started thinking about the smaller everyday items that remind you of your grandmother or crazy great aunt. They probably aren't worth anything but can sometimes mean the most. You need some items with history and age (and maybe a good story) to make a house a home. I call this style of decorating Granny Chic and it's more popular than you might think.

This butter yellow bowl belonged to my great grandmother Pearl McKnight. Doesn't Pearl just sound like a great grandmother? I remember this bowl from Bama and Mammie's house. Bama is my grandmother (94 and still kicking) and Mammie my great aunt, she was almost like another grand mother. Sisters, they lived together for over 50 years!! Can you imagine? We had a big time when we stayed with them in Mooresville, N.C. I swear it was just like being in Mayberry. Bama said her mother used to mix up her biscuits in this bowl. I don't know what recipe she used but Mammie used to make the best Angel Biscuits. Thankfully my sister Susan still had the recipe:

Mammie's Angel Biscuits
2 cups self-rising flour
3 TBLS Crisco
Add Buttermilk to soften
Roll dough out and cut into small circles using a juice glass
Bake @450 until done (I guess she thought we would know when they were done)
They are small biscuits with a hard outside and soft inside

If you make these biscuits let me know how they taste. I used to love these and gobble them down by the handful (they are small after all). I haven't had any in years, damn that South Beach Diet!!!

This hook is also from Bama & Mammie's house. It hung on the back of Mammie's bathroom door for 50 years. Mammie had the green tile bathroom. There was also a blue tile bathroom (Bama's) and a maroon and pink tile bathroom (guestroom). And yes, the maroon and pink was just as pretty as you might imagine. The hook now hangs in my closet and I think of Mammie every time I see it.

This quilt was hand-made by my husband's great-great grandmother Patty. I love the colors and the different fabric. It is in Cricket's room on her bed and I love it there but because of its age I am afraid I may have to put it away somewhere safe. But in a way what would be the point? Why not enjoy it for as long as we can. I often think "save it for what?" So for now it is staying put!!

Those are just a few of the things I have around my house that have special meaning. If you start looking you will find great examples of Granny Chic everywhere. In fact I think Drew Barrymore's office that Ruthie Sommers decorated is a good example of using special items that have meaning. The rooms are a great mix of old and new.

All pictures from Domino

Everywhere you look is a painting or small trinket that either came from Drew's family or looks like it could have. Notice the bathroom and kitchen are not updated but still manage to look stylish and youthful. This is an office with style and history. I love that it is not all gleaming new with just bought furniture. It has tons of personality. Love it!!!

So next time your grandmother, mother or aunt offers to give you a painting, vase or some old knick knack, take it! Find a place for it, just make sure it comes with a good story.


  1. I kept meaning to ask about Bama-glad she's doing well! I miss hearing the adventures of Bama every day at work. And I picture you imitating her at the restaurant swinging her feet and humming Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree! LOL You are so funny!

  2. I agree! I have a pink flower hook just like that from our bathroom when we were little girls. And I LOVE the bag hanging in your closet! Oh, and thank you for showing a snippet of Cricket's CUTE room. I want to see more!


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