Monday, December 2, 2013

The Dark Side

After two years of talking about it ....

And six months of paint samples on my walls, I finally painted Bill's den!!
(Actually when the painters came to paint my closet I had them do it so I was forced to make a color choice. Sometimes pressure is a good thing...)

Here's a sneak peak. I LOVE it!! The room is so much cozier and happier. 


Before...a little bland...just waiting for some color...

Now isn't that much better? I'll have better pictures soon. I need to get everything hung back up and moved around. Now that the walls are darker some of my art no longer works in the room so I got some shuffling to do. But for now I am happy!!


  1. What's the name of the color you decided on? After painting our den a very dark blue, I've never regretted the decision for a second. I imagine your husband is thrilled!

  2. Yes, share your color choice! I just chose Gentleman's Gray for a client's front room/office and love it!! So dramatic and cozy!

  3. Love it! Feels like my guest room, which was a leap in my mostly-white-walled house, but we love the cozy factor. Can't wait to see the rest!

  4. Beautiful and a bold choice. I find it comforting.


  5. We work at about the same pace when it comes to decorating! :) LOVE the color you chose!!!! Very cool! xoox

  6. I think it looks amazing! I love the color. New follower!

  7. I love it!! We just painted our living room a dark blue as is amazing...the furniture isn't in yet...but it should all work nicely. Fingers crossed. You are right pressure is sometimes what you need to pull the trigger...I also get paralysis by analysis


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