Thursday, June 28, 2018

Beach Photography

Hey guys! Hope your summer is off to a good start!! I have been busying moving into a new office and trying to spruce things up a little bit. I would love nothing more than a giant Gray Malin photograph to help cover a sad, sad wall. His work is amazing.

White brick LA office

Neon umbrella swirls in Barcelona // Gray Malin


My Decorating Style

But sadly it is not in my budget so I have been searching for an alternative and found an amazing substitute until my ship comes in..

Beach Days in Monterosso By Rebecca Plotnick

Beach Print
28 x 42 framed with mat...Yes, that price includes framing!!!
Plus with code FRIENDS you can save 20%
You can check out her other work at Pottery Barn here
and her Etsy Store
She has incredible photographs!!!
Can't wait to show you what I am getting!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Colorful Christmas

Looking for something different this Christmas? Not a red and green girl? 
Thankfully, there are now a lot of options for adding some merry and bright to your holiday decor.

Image result for turquoise christmas

Oversized Living Room Decorated

Holiday Family Room

Pink Playroom With White Christmas Tree

Colorful Christmas by sissy-mebane-schoettelkotte on Polyvore featuring interior, interiors, interior design, home, home decor and interior decorating

So what are you? More traditional or ready to add some hot pink to the mix?

All photos here

Monday, November 6, 2017

Fall Fashion

 Time for some fall fashion updates. 
I LOVE a good pair of cropped flare jeans. In fact I have been living in my white cropped jeans since this summer (thank you Cats B. for the tip) I loved them so much I also bought them in black and may go back for the blue denim. They look good with flats, boots and heels. I have spent a pretty penny on jeans lately but my most favorite pairs are from Old Navy. Surprising, right??

Image result for street style cropped flare jeans

Image result for street style cropped flare jeans

Related image

Image result for street style cropped flare jeans

I have to warn you, if you follow the link below to Old Navy you will be disappointed. Dreadful styling. Don't let the red pumps - why oh why - scare you away. And the awkward stance in the picture with the black denim might make you want to pass these by...don't!! My sister has gotten two pairs and several friends have purchased them as well. I promise you will like them...or at least I am pretty darn sure. Check them out and let me know what you think!!

jeans, jeans jeans jacket t shirt tunic boot boot heels bag bag

PS When I was typing this up yesterday afternoon the white was sold out but I am hoping they might have some in stores or even restock them. I do have a thing for white denim mixed with black for winter. 

all pictures from here

Friday, September 29, 2017

Macrame Regret

You know how they say that when you look back on your life it's the things you didn't do that you will regret the most? Well, that is so true!! I so regret not buying these Zara Pom Pom Macrame shoes when I had the chance. 

I thought they weren't practical. That they may be a little too much. What has happened to me? Impractical and over the top used to be music to my ears.  I used to take risks. I have got to step up my game....
While looking at some fall clothing I realized the Macrame shoes would have taken any of these pieces from nice to dynamite. 

OK, the wide leg denim needs more than fabulous shoes. You would need to add something better than the mom tee, but you get my point.

And they would have been the perfect shoe for my Oompa Loompa Jumpsuit.

I have found several pairs on Ebay but so far not in my size...I'll keep searching and in the meantime, learn from my mistake and get while the gettings good. 
Anything you regret lately??

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Christina Juarez in Elle Decor

I am obsessed with Christina Juarez's home in the October issue of Elle Decor. Her fabulous home shows that the more risks you take the bigger the pay off. Room after room of color, patterns and textures makes me want to move in!! And borrow her clothes! 

Image result for christina juarez home in elle decor

Something else I love about her home is her ability to mix high and low. Her living room is a perfect example. The lamp, black and white pillow and cocktail table are available online and can be yours with a click of the button. 

Purple and green living room

Black and white pillow,

Have your heart set on the Margarita wallpaper in the first picture? See it here
I need to have about 6 things recovered at my house and this may have motivated me to go bold....what about you?

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Clay's Room

Last weekend we took Clay to school. He handled it better than I did. It's his second year so I should be used to it, right? But he's only in 11th grade, a mere junior in high school. I thought I would have him at home for a few more years. He's happy so I am trying to be a big girl about it. 

But one of the things that really bugs me is his room. I get that he doesn't care how it looks, but I care! I tried to explain to Clay and Bill how much joy one decorative pillow would bring me. You won't even see it, they said. But I will know it's there, I replied. They rolled their eyes and we left without one damn decorative item except for a sad rug. You can only argue for so long in the aisles of Target before you have to give up. 

I wasn't even going to do that much. One pillow, a great rug, beanbag chair for lounging, better desk chair and a few knick knacks. No big deal.

So based on the duvet cover he has from Ikea I came up with a few items I would like to use to fix up his sad little room. The pillow I really like sold but I found another good one!

That's not so bad is it???

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

My Goldilocks Dress

I have a favorite new dress. The Sorell dress
from Doen.
I call it my Goldilocks dress. By accident I ordered an XS. Have you seen me lately? I'm NOT an XS. Sure I could have worn it, but I would not have been able to lift my arms. No problem, I jumped online to order a S and they were out. Hmmmm, at this point I knew I had to have this dress so I decided I could make a M work. A few days later it showed up and yes, it was too big. So I did what any good shopper would do and stalked their website until a S showed up. And guess what? It wasn't too small or too was just right. 



It is a wonderful light weight cotton that comes in two colors. And it comes with a matching slip!! Perfect for summer and down here in the south it will be great into the fall as well. I feel terrible for being a difficult customer so hop on the Doen site and buy yourself something cute. You will feel better and so will I. I wore mine all over New York and loved it!!

My only regret is not wearing the matching belt. In my defense I looked half this size in my mind - and other lies I tell myself :)
Similar dresses include this, this, this, this 
Next on my want list is this fabulous top
Now I have to decide if I should get white or black...thoughts?

My necklace is by Twine and Twing and I swear it goes with every outfit I own. My other necklaces are getting jealous. 

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