Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Big Apple


A you read this I am in New York hopefully trying on this top from Roberta Freyman

But more than likely... 

I am probably riding the Ferris wheel in Toys R Us

Watching my kids stuff their faces at Dylan's Candy Bar. 

I had a long talk with myself before we left about how this trip is for the kids and is not a extended shopping trip for mama...

But I hope they throw me a bone and let me do a little shopping...After all there is a 9,000 square foot Anthropologie store in the city. 
Can you imagine the joy that would bring me?
Say a little shopping prayer for me!!


  1. Oh, definitely make some time to visit Roberta Roller Rabbit (Roberta Freymann's home store...just steps away from her RF store, I remember). A must-visit, especially because the prices are so good.

    Have a great time!

  2. So jealous! I haven't been in a few years and I miss it so much. I had no idea Dylan's had expanded so.

  3. A 9,000 sq. ft. Anthro?! Oh the damage that could be done. Enjoy!!! X, A


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