Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Girl Can Dream

I think Bill is getting ready to buy me my dream house. I can just feel it. Want proof? Last night when he was returning some e-mails I asked him if he was going to put in an offer and he said "Sure hon, whatever you say". Doesn't that sound like a definite yes?

With that settled I need to come up with paint colors, fabric choices, furniture plans. I mean this could happen any time between now and November 2025. A girl needs to be prepared, right?

For the dining room, I am thinking something like this from the latest Southern Living. I love just about everything about it. I would swap out the green velvet for blue and I would be good to go. And add some chairs and a bigger table, but other than that...perfect!!

That wallpaper just kills me. Love it!!! I might actually have people over for dinner if my dining room looked like this.
Thanksgiving at my house next year, want to come?


  1. sissy, i don't get southern living any more but i thumbed thru the latest copy recently and thought, "wow, they're stepping it up." everything looked fresh and new and the layout was much better. thank goodness! loved that feature, too!

    happy thanksgiving to one of my favorite bloggers. love, donna

  2. I love your interpretation of how Bill responded to your question.
    You are absolutely right to go ahead and plan the dining room and I will be delighted to accept your invitation to dinner.

    My best and wishing you a joyful Thanksgiving
    Be careful what you wish for!!!

    Helen xx

  3. It sounds like you totally need to be prepared...hoping you're packing boxes today!! The dining room is fabulous, and I tore this image out for the wallpaper - isn't it amazing!? Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  4. Sissy you have very good taste. The photo you found in Southern Living is from the BluePrint Store in Dallas, Texas. I absolutely twitch with excitement when I go in there. Set in a big old Victorian house painted the whitest white with sassy blue doors, it is a place that doesn't disappoint.
    And, yes, the wall paper is wonderful. Just on one wall there.
    The best part of the whole experience is the lovely people who run the business. I bet you they would let you host a dinner party in their store if you asked really nicely.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and you family.

    mb from big D

  5. Holy Christmas...a girl CAN dream...I love everything about these images. The good think is it appears you have plenty of time to put your dream home together :)

  6. I am coming to help you move in when this happens so I can see this house! On mimosa correct? A girl can dream ...

  7. Marybeth is always full of good information! Your dream and my dream house are probably on the same schedule. I'll be the first in line to at your Thanksgiving feast! I know I've seen that wallpaper before. Love it in this colorway.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  8. Hahaha. That is most definitely a yes!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  9. I LOVE that wallpaper too. Can you tell me who makes it? Also, have you checked out Furbish in Raleigh. You will love it!

  10. Love, love, love this dining room...I don't get SL anymore...but I am on my way to pick a copy up! I am very tempted to do wallpaper in my dining room and if this comes in another colorway...i may go for it. Take care, Caroline

  11. Umm, you're hilarious. Where have I been?? You clearly have excellent taste and it sounds like your husband is wise to it. It's nice when they're on board, yes?


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