Thursday, April 15, 2010

Zig Zag - Chevron

Do you like Zigzags?

How can you not love this?

And this?

Wow! Gotta love the pink.

Want to add some zing to your decor? I was cleaning out my linen closet and found two black and white zigzag/chevron pillows that were made for the Blue Hydrangea Barn Sale during my two week pillow making phase.

Up for adoption to a good home: 18 inch squares of pure happiness.
Plays and coordinates well with others.

$45 for two pillow covers (+ s&h)
Interested? E-mail me at


pictures from: House Beautiful, DecorPad, High Heeled Foot in the Door, Shelter Pop


  1. LOVE a good zig zag! Did you make those you talented girl? WOW!

  2. I can't believe no one bought them! You know I already have the pink ones in my living room. Sissy, you didn't tell me you ended up keeping the white ghost chair! Where did you put it? I need to come visit. Post some pictures of your house, please!!

  3. who doesn't love a bit of zig zag?

  4. This has become a classic it is so fresh and clean, nice!

  5. Black and White? I'm always on board. I Love the zig zag look! Did you seriously make that yourself?? Beautiful!


  6. Nice job!!
    I love chevron! Someday, I will have a black and white room, and get some pillows like that!

  7. Doesn't everyone? I'd love these (because I don't have enough pillows, you know). I'm going to email you in a minute . . . Also, I'm currently having a gold mirror giveaway so please stop by if you're interested. :)

  8. I'm a huge fan of the zigzag/chevron pattern! I even blogged about them on one of my very first posts (way back in January - I'm such a newbie). If my house weren't so brown-oriented and were more black-oriented, I would be all over those pillows. I need to go on a pillow-making jag if I could first learn to sew!

  9. LOVE zig zags - i have the large west elm zig zag rug and it looks great!!

    Jen Ramos


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