Monday, March 29, 2010

House or Home

Quick post today. I was up late with Peanut watching The Blind Side. We loved it! I laughed. I cried. I cried some more. It got me thinking about family. What makes a family? What makes a house a home.

It reminded me of this growth chart I saw on A Perfect Gray last week. She was talking about this very subject. What makes a house a home. What makes your house different from everyone else's? I wish I had thought to make a growth chart as fabulous as this...maybe it is not too late. I love that it is so simple and easy, but so special.
So no growth chart to show you..yet...

But here are a few of my favorite things. My great grandmother's biscuit making bowl. It now hold our wands from MagiQuest.

Peanut's and Cricket's artwork from kindergarten that now hangs in Butterball's

A cricket for Cricket.

And two of my all time favorite paintings. Peanut & Cricket's self portraits. If you have kids, you have to get them to paint self portraits. Oh, the joy these bring me!!! They painted them 2 years ago when Butterball was 6 months old. I decided I would paint his self portrait. I know, technically not a self portrait, but come on, he couldn't even sit up! Guess what? It was hideous!! Lesson learned. Let the kids to it themselves. When he is 5 or 6 I will drag him to the backyard and force him to paint just like I did his brother and his sister. When it is over we will all be happy!!

So what makes your house a home? And have you seen The Blind Side? Did you love it? Do you want to punch Jesse James?


  1. beautiful, beautiful post. Loved these little glimpses into the heart of your family and home. I know that biscuit bowl is so special. When my husband's grandmother died, I asked for a little something of hers to remind us of her. I found what I really wanted was something she used everyday, nothing of particular value, just something she touched and used daily. I have her old handmirror and it is just as precious to us as her most valuable jewels...

    Perhaps we are related (or have e.s.p). I had planned a house/home post for today, too....

    Love to you! Donna

  2. I love that you have so much of your childrens' artwork displayed in your home. One of the things that makes a house a home are the items that are important to us because of their sentimental value.

    Oh, and yes, I'd like to throttle Jesse James!

  3. Wonderful post! I loved seeing all your treasured items.

    And yes - Jesse James is an idiot. I feel so bad all his skanky mistresses picked Sandra's biggest moment to hurt her.

  4. I too was instantly smitten with that growth chart that Donna did in her house. Your touches are also beyond beautiful and endearing. (What exactly are those wands?) This summer I am going to use your idea and have my two older ones do self portraits, I will even show them this post. Your home is so lovely.
    As to J.J., really, there are NO WORDS!

  5. My son did a self portrait that I had printed on a potholder, so funny.....
    I loved that movie and I cried my eyes out !

  6. I just watched that movie this weekend....and loved it even more because it was based on a real story! And yes, we should punch AND kick her husband

  7. I love this post. I too was jealous of the awesome growth chart!! But your house is defintely a home, Sissy. I love your self portraits- when I forced the girls to do them, I wasn't happy with the outcome {micro-manager mama}, and of course I did Jackson's b/c at 13, he opted out. I think his is the cutest, but I don't love them like I love yours!! And can you believe it, I haven't seen the movie- Larry took the kids. I'll have to rent it.

  8. The portraits are perfect, I can't wait to have the girls do some. Last night while setting up their playroon, I hung a huge piece of paper, gave them crayons and left them to it :) Now their art is hanging! xoxo

  9. i love the self portraits!

    my mom had three paintings framed for me when i moved up north after college. a fancy oil painting of a flower my grandmother (the true artist)had painted, a watercolor i begged my mom to do for me when i was about 11 for my room (she's a closet artist) and this terrible (but cute!)still life of a rose and vase i did when i was about 10 and wanted to learn to paint just like my grandmother. they're hanging in a row and the flowery and generational theme is always a good conversation piece PLUS it makes me feel more connected to them.

    and yes, i want to punch jesse james!

  10. Beautiful glimpse into your home and heart. Love it! Good reminder not to simply dismiss some of those art projects the kids bring home. Hey, it's a reality..sometimes there are so many and things are so busy they get tossed. Putting them away for a time when I can take a second glance is a better idea :) Marija

  11. Personal touches are what make a house a home. Beautiful post. My post tomorrow is about shadow boxes...displaying family memories/momentos. I put my fifth one together this weekend and it brought tears to my eyes. I hung it this morning and photographed for the post. Check it out tomorrow. Great job with this post!

  12. I watched The Blind Side this weekend too and its my new favorite movie- it was so great! Such a feel good movie for sure.

  13. Oh so cute. I want a picture by Peanut and Cricket. I think I need to send my profile picture there way. Love them.

    I have to see the Blind Side! This weekend I will make it a must do on my list!

  14. i absolutely LOVED the blind side. sandra bullock is such a babe and the story is amazing. have you read the book? even for a non-football fan, it's a must-read!!!

  15. Love the idea for the kids to paint self portraits. I think we will do that over Easter break! Each year since my boys were really little we draw a snowman near Christmas. I used to draw the shape and they would fill it in however - but now they do their own thing. It is fun to look back at all their creations. I took my boys to see the Blindside and we all LOVED it! My boys are 10 and 12 and my 12 year old thought it was the best movie he ever saw. I think it was eye opening. I too think that is is sad Sandra had to have this mess come up when she should be on cloud nine!

  16. I failed to keep a growth chart for Avery - shame on me. Never too late, I suppose!

  17. The self-portraits are adorable! And yes, I loved the Blind Side and want to punch Jesse.

  18. those are amazing... you know what? I am going to have my two little loves paint self portraits tomorrow. great idea! have a lovely weekend.


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