Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I have been coveting Vita Kin's clothing...
more love....
If happiness was a blue shirt with black and white stitching this is what it would look like. 
You can't buy her clothing in the States yet but it will be available in the fall. Warning...happiness is expensive. 
And speaking of happy will you look at these.....

Image of Brass Frog Bookends - A Pair
Solid brass frog bookends I found this weekend. 
I was so excited I wanted to kiss them but I was afraid they would turn into a handsome prince and I much rather have the frogs!!
Found a pair Here but I am sure you can find some for less.

This arrived in the mail yesterday...

Holy Cow!! This book is so fabulous!! 
Has anyone else read it, poured over the photos, felt like you needed to step up your accessory game?
Get your own copy here and let me know what you think!!!!

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  1. Oh Sissy, you always, have inspiring idea on your blog! I love it, and I love, love, Vita Kin!!! First time that I have seen this designer, and her clothes are gorgeous! BTW, I al so love Iris's book, have had it for years, and she inspires me to no end, just like you!! Huge gratitude! XOXO


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