Monday, August 25, 2014

Where Did It Go?

That's's over. Today is the last day of summer. No more french fries and lemonade for dinner. No more goofing off and telling the kids they can eat whatever they can find for more naps in your bathing suit after a long day at the beach. No more sand in the bed or life jackets on the back steps. 

It was a good summer....but now it's time to organize people! I have to start planning dinners and doing laundry on a regular basis. Laying out uniforms and packing lunches the night before. Ugh..School Mom is back...I like Summer Mom much better!
Wish me luck!


  1. SUch beautiful photos of your family!! That seemed like the perfect summer. I have to say I love the routine...and I'm so glad to have school start tomorrow. yes!! Although I will miss the more relaxed times for sure.

  2. Me too. Me, I mean. I miss summer already.


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