Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer Panic

Freedom (surfboard, retro car, sunshine, beach and sea; it definitely equals freedom!)

I feel a little frantic that summer is ending soon. I love everything about it and I am trying to enjoy every last minute of sand and surf.

Beach Umbrellas :)

Last night when I was hugging on Locke I noticed his warm, little back smelled just like summer.

 French girls Les Gazelles two sisters who live with their families in Sayulita Mexico, run a boutique there and dive the world for pearls with their tribe of sunkissed wild haired tribe.

 A combination of sand, salt water and sunscreen with a hint of french fries.
 Best scent in the world - wish I could bottle it.

                                          pictures here & here

As I tucked his tired self into bed I realized he smelled like summer because I might have forgotten to bathe him after a long day at the beach.
I am going to try to do better tonight.
But it is still summer and the old rules just don't apply.

Do you ever start to panic at the end of summer or are you ready for school to start? The only thing that brings me a little joy is back to school shopping.


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