Monday, July 7, 2014

Want to See Something Pretty and Pin-able?

Hope you had a happy and patriotic July 4th weekend. 
I spent a little time styling up some kitchen built-ins at Stuart's house. We had a big time. So wish I had some befores but at least you can enjoy the afters. 

It helps that Stuart has some great stuff. 
It makes my job so much easier.

Guess what you can do now? Go on...guess? 
OK, I'll tell you, you can now pin any images from my blog straight to Pinterest!! So exciting!!

Go on try it!!
Just move your mouse over the pictures and you will see the Pinterest logo pop up, then click, done!!
I feel like I am in the big times now...

This is my favorite. 
I love all her silver and especially her two Britt Bass Turner prints.
Don't they add a bright pop of color??!!
It makes me happy, hope it makes you happy too!!!


  1. That's awesome that we can pin any image of your blog ;)
    I specially like the white cabinets, they are simple and classic but elegan.

  2. So gorgeous!! I wish I had shelves like that. I tried to make my bar cart look nice but your bar area blows it away. The glasses!!!

    Yes read Euphoria. You will love it!


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