Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Quit Crying and Pass the Salt

I've got a question for you, 
Does your family eat dinner together?

Cute and bright dining room #dining #furniture #designs #decor explore

How many nights a week?
Is it pleasant?

dining room

We eat dinner together almost every night of the week.
Some nights we actually finish the meal with no arguing and no crying.

Love the dining room/ library combo

As the kids get older and busier it gets harder.
And more dramatic.

Windsor Smith Home: White faux bamboo chairs, rustic white washed dining table, industrial yoke pendants, ...

So what does your family do - dinner together or parents and kids separate?
Thoughts? Tips? 
Pictures: here

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  1. Well, in my house we eat dinner together and we don't have any problems, so i don't know what to say more. Sorry :(

  2. Sissy, eating together is important. We worked hard at making it a priority. Don't give up or give in. Lovely photos of places to dine. mb

  3. Ok, I feel really bad admitting this, but our whole family only sits down together for dinner about once a week if we're lucky. I know, I know. It's totally horrible and lame. Honestly, it's because my son is starving at 5 p.m. long before my husband gets home from work/exercising at 6:30. And I'm bad about being a short order cook. So, I'm a terrible person to ask. I admire those who do make it work. I say it's worth the tears. On the flip side, I feel like my kids and I connect more in the car than anywhere else - while I'm chauffeuring them around town!


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