Monday, June 30, 2014

Diet Coke Anonymous

My name is Sissy and I am addicted to Diet Coke.

The slightly more elegant cooler. By the Pretty, Polished, Perfect fashion blog.
photo here
I am a really healthy eater, except for french fries and my Diet Coke

"Diet Coke Chic" by makeup artist Jenni Hearnshaw. She used #DietCoke cans for large curlers and created a grungy eye make up look.

I am trying to quit...
It ain't easy..
Got any suggestions?


  1. This sounds insane...but if you seriously want to stop, my aunt went and saw a hypnotist in the early 90's so she could stop drinking soda and hasn't had one since. She has no desire to order one and says she doesn't even think twice about it anymore.

    I, on the other hand, quit cold turkey. It sucked for a week but then it was fine. I'm able to pepper in a few here and there now without becoming re-addicted which is kind of a nice treat.

  2. I had a 6+ a day habit.... I quit cold turkey a few years ago after a road trip with the husband where he suggested that I may not be able to quit. Honestly, I feel sooooo much better off the fake sugars in diet coke. I do occassionally sneak a real coke (maybe once a month). Good luck!!

  3. Your too funny Sissy! After many attempts at breaking a 4-6 can a day habit I vowed to no longer bring diet Coke in the house. If we eat out (which is rare) I will order a diet Coke. I feel great about this. Luci

  4. Sissy, I used to be in your shoes, and have since become addicted to sparkling water, green tea, and green juice! I drink all that, along with a little wine, now and then, and I'm happy! All you have to do is read how bad, bad, and more bad diet coke is for your health. It contributes to cancer, and all kinds of bad things. For starters, read Kris Carr's blog, and books, Crazy, Sexy, Cancer. She will set you straight! Believe me, you won't want to drink diet coke, and a whole lot of other things after reading her ideas! Best wishes, and please keep us posted!

  5. I just wrote you a long comment, but it got erased:( Long story short...LaCroix water is the most amazing invention ever. It's in Target by the water section.

  6. Me too sister. I just can't give it up completely!


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