Saturday, May 10, 2014

Vintage Inspired Custom Wallpaper

Have you been to the Designer Show House
It's good, really good. 
Loved it! In fact I loved it so much I was too busy gawking and didn't take any pictures. Thankfully Ann and Hooper took some of their amazing foyer...

If you click you can enlarge the photos to get a better look. You have got to check out the wallpaper. They designed it themselves using a piece of vintage wallpaper they found in a junk shop as inspiration.

They based the wallpaper color on the original trim color in the house.

You can get a better look at the paper here. Pretty great right? 
Port City Signs and Graphics did the printing and the best part? 
You too can have your very own custom designed wallpaper. Just call Ann and Hooper. I've already contacted them about a little project and if all goes well I will share soon!!
Want to go? Info and tickets at:

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  1. That is beautiful wallpaper!!!! When we gutted an old house many years ago...we found pieces of the most beautiful hand painted wallpaper. I kept little scraps and have always wanted to frame them..


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